The Goldfish

I've often joked with friends that my spirit animal is the goldfish, but somehow it just fits. The ones I identify with are the Fantail or Ryukin variety. They are a far cry from the sleek carp/koi that are their ancestors. Thanks to human meddling they now sport rounded shapes and high backs with long flowing tail fins. It is what is natural to them.

In the same way I'm like those fish, oddly shaped (for a woman... I'm tall, broad, and chubby but healthy) and that is what is natural for me.

I find I enjoy similar goldfish related activities such as swimming and eating ^_^ (tho not at the same time) I have a horrible memory (much like the 3 second myth with GF) and often I feel trapped in my own little 'bowl', be it self imposed or otherwise.

The GF also represents wealth, prosperity, good fortune and harmony. GF are also thought of as being baby dragons and as such were very good luck to have.

The darker side to GF are the fact that they are seen as cheap and having no value. They are taken for granted, much as I feel I have been in past situations.

I'm working on becoming a better person inside and out, hopefully I'll become my own dragon someday, but for now I'm just a goldfish

Moonxtal Moonxtal
26-30, F
1 Response Nov 28, 2009

What a charming post! how adorable <3 and wonderful parting words! "hopefully I'll become my own dragon someday, but for now I'm just a goldfish"