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Ever since I was young, I had this fixation with wolves. My mom had a dream whilst pregnant with me, that she gave birth to a white dog-like creature. When I was young, I also used to dream about being this wolf-like animal or being alongside it, without any knowledge of her dream.
About a year ago, I started taking research into New Age beliefs, ghosts and spirit guides. I realised my dreams were beginning to gravitate towards the white wolf, and many of my dreams with him were exceptionally vivid and I could easily recollect them. I asked for my spirit guide to visit me one night, and from the corner of my room I heard a tiny whisper saying 'three'. The next day, I found myself subconsciously following in pawprints to and from school, heard a guy in my class randomly pipe up about 'this white wolf', saw a girl with white-blonde hair and peircing blue eyes with three white wolves on her bag, and had correlations of 3 appearing over and over again. No more than three days later, I had an incredibly vivid dream in a dream in a dream (three-layered dream) that the white wolf walked me through these three different planes of dreaming. The first was the most realistic, with my family walking around a zoo. At the time, the fact that it was devoid of animals did nothing to deter me at all. I kept seeing lightning-fast white flashes dart across my vision, but when I turned, nothing was there. We went back to the car, and I fell asleep in the back (odd, because I don't go in the back, let alone sleep there.) I found myself underground, in a kind of cavern filled with machiney, but it wasn't made entirely of metal. If anything, it was more like being inside the workings of a human body, only the pistons were a mixture of bone, steel and sinew. The whole place reeked of rust and cooking flesh; and men in black overalls led an orderly queue of stunned-looking women and children to a floor filled with shallow metal baths of what looked like petroluem jelly, but intuition told me it really wasn't. Mutated bodies slept at the bottom of the basins, as if completely intoxicated by its contents, and I was seized quickly by an overall-clad man and led towards the bath. I was lifted, struggling, over the side and thrust down into it until up to my knees I was covered. The back of my neck was grabbed, and I was forced towards the liquid. Once again, from my peripheral the white wolf darted in and knocked the man aside, allowing me to grab his neck and haul myself out. We ran to the top floor of the workhouse, where the white wolf brawled with a darker, muscular canine and struck it dead. For some reason, it appeared hellbent upon stopping our escape. We got out quickly, out into snow, where we travelled and then slept in the shelter of a rock wall. The third layer was exceptionally vivid, and I found myself getting up out of my body and walking through an onslaught of vicious snowfall towards a secluded meadow, suspended somewhere between spring and winter (basically, how everything looks around my birthday.) It seemed as if the animals from the zoo had made their own way here, and creatures I had only ever seen from behind panes of glass strode around, perfectly contented and docile. I wasn't afraid at all. A kind of golden, glowing semicircle stretched like a curved mirror towards where two parralell walls of ice enclosed the space. Animals entered from the gateway, and several approached me as I sat on the grass. White wolf, a grey wolf and a black shapeshifter (dog/cat) came to sit with me, until white wolf got up and I turned to see him no longer an animal, but a young boy. 
After the dream, I decided that it was either a message to me that he was male, or a message that he too was a shapeshifter. After that, he was present in a few more dreams, but when he dissapeared I tried self-hypnosis to request his prescence in a dream. I chanted in my head for about fifteen minutes, and heard an incredibly loud peeling ring, that really can't be described with words, right beside both of my ears. It was unmistakably caused by the chanting, and after further research I now know that spirits or angels of a higher frequency than yourself often have their voices heard in such ways. I constantly feel a male prescence, and when someone leaves the room, it feels as if they're still there. I have quite a good perception of being watched, but I've always felt like there's someone over my shoulder since I was small. Also, when I'm with friends, it always feels like there's one being more than what I can see. For an art project, we were studying native america and I thought I may as well paint the white wolf. Once it was complete, I scanned it through and decided it needed a name. The first thing that popped into my mind was 'Ereus', and it felt familiar. I'd been hearing "I am Ereus" dropped into my mind before sleep, and now at night when I think upon the name, I sometimes get chills, goosebumps or tingling like I've stepped through a spiderweb. Either that, or I hear any messages he has.
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The spiderweb feeling is what happens when in contact with a spirit sometimes.

Wow I love ur story :) i have a friend whos spirit gudie is a white wolf. Mine is a Siberian tiger u can read my story posted in this group =)