How My Spirit Guide Decided To Introduce Herself

The relationship with my Spirit Guide really took off a few months ago. I was hanging out with the wrong crowd. The people around me were influencing my choices. I was making bad decisions and trusting the wrong people. To be blunt, My future was taking a turn for the worst.

One day when I was slightly starting to get my act together, A friend and I were talking outside around dusk. My friend is very spiritually inclined & was someone that I pushed away in my dark times. I'm grateful that she agreed to come back in my life. She was slowly helping me get on the right track. She can see Auras and was talking to me about the subject. We both decided to take a moment to view each others Auras. Of course this came more naturally to her because she was more spiritually inclined than me at the time.

As my Aura became visible she looked about 3 feet next to me. She looked shocked and slightly whispered "There is someone standing next to you." I asked if it was good or bad. She said good. I then asked what the "being" standing next to me looked like. She said she came up to my neck. (I'm 5'5 so the "Being" next to me was only about 5'3). My friend told me that she was glowing white and had the outline of a little girl.

Keep in mind that while she is telling me this I am in a very high state of meditation. I could see my friends Aura clear as day and I felt an overwhelming feeling in my chest (My heart Chakra). I was excited that I could see her Aura but because it was getting dark outside, we decided to move inside.

We moved to a silent part of my house (I have a big family so we needed a private quiet area). There my friend continued to view my Aura and yet again this white figure was making herself present. The only difference was that this time her arms were around me.

Low and behold it was my Spirit Guide hugging me from behind. Though I could not feel her arms, I could feel her presence and love. I was overwhelmed with love. By this point I feel euphoric. No pain. Just love. This moment was intense. My friend said quietly "She said she loves you. She also said that if you get discouraged, you will fail. There are people that want to see you fail. But there are more people who wish to see you succeed. She is VERY proud of you right now" I have a purpose on Earth. That was what she was implying that I would fail if I got discouraged but i'll save that for another story. I'm assuming she was proud because I was making it out of a dark period in my life and becoming more Spiritual.

Ever since this first time, I talk to her regularly. In fact, I did yesterday. I have made a lot of Spiritual progress . I never thought a Spirit Guide could have a sense of humor but she is funny and sweet. She offers the best advice and treats me the way a loving mother would to her child. I am now out of these dark times and about to graduate to fulfill my purpose on Earth.

Just remember that whenever you feel lost and alone, Your spirit guide is there and ready to communicate and assist you whenever you are.
You are loved.
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Wow, wonderful story. I am glad you were able to reconnect with your higher self and meet your guide.

I spend a lot of time communicating with my spirit guide. I am not always sure if it is my own thoughts that I hear, or him speaking with me.

There was one clear moment when I got a very distinct vision from my spirit guide. I know he is there for me, protecting me and nudging me in the right direction.

nice story

How would I speak to mine? They don't seem to want to make an effort to talk to me.

I think mine made a very huge effort to talk to me because I was going down the wrong path in life and she didn't want to see me fail. It takes a lot of energy for them to communicate with you. Their very kind beings. I'm sure yours would love to talk to you. It just takes time for us to acquire the skills. I would meditate and look into Binaural beats on youtube. They alter your brain state and help you reach a deeper state of meditation. It takes time. Also refrain from intoxicating your body (smoking,drinking) That stuff is counter productive. Message me if you would like more help.

do you have any specific videos on youtube that have been successful for yourself or others? do you have any mantras or meditations to repeat to reach them ?

Also, you need to look for the signs. Sometimes mine sends me messages through songs on the radio, or a page you open to in a book, or small messages. Once I remember, that i was feeling really down and sorry for myself... when a beautiful butterfly landed on the plant right near me. As soon as I saw it I knew it was my spirit guide reminding me of all the beauty around me and letting me know that I wasn't alone.

Sometimes it is about noticing the little things!