I am just recently hearing about spirit guides, but have always believed in guardian angels. I remember waking up at nights as a young girl -younger than 11- and feeling a wet sensation on my cheek. This feeling on my cheek would come back not only after sleep, but sometimes in the middle of the day. I told my mother of these happenings, and she fully believed it was my guardian angel. It was a comforting feeling, as I also had nights where I would be up late, and I would hear many voices speaking at one time - a whole room full, it seemed - and I would think it was the TV, but when I went to the room I thought it was in, there was no more noises, and no TV on. This happened more than once, so maybe my spirit guide/guardian angel felt I needed comfort.

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although the monks are right about other aspects too try to meditate and you will see your guide for got about that

lol u do have spirit guides and angels are FAKE im sorry how can a god be real if the earth can heal and do everything we want her too how can their be another power than her wait books and writers


it is true you do have spirit guides and angels with you. we each have atleast 2 guides and 2 angelic guardians since birth. the other angelic team members come and go and you need them.