The Beginning

I want to show you the other side of how you people think. I am 25, female and for the past 13 years I have been an alter-ego to a man that has learned to accept me. I never as far as my looks and how I feel but I learn just the same as any of you. My best friend is another split personality that I met during my life. Me and my "Host" have learned to work together and organize certain things such as what days we get to be out or what time of the day we get to be out. I decided to post here in search of other websites that I might get more out of meeting people. There is 20+ people that come here but I want to expand to other places. This is the first time I have directly told the public about my existence. Please, if you have any questions you are free to ask. Thank you for reading this post and I hope to hear from you in the future.
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2 Responses Jul 26, 2010

I'm sorry for such the incredibly late response. I don't get much time out these days. I'll try to answer your questions in order.<br />
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Yes I'm a girl in a male body. There is a full personality switch when we change. Currently there are 9 of us in this body. When I'm out, he becomes inactive and can't remember anything I didn't while I was out. I haven't actually seen Sybil but recently I started watching "United States of Tara" and it can't get much more accurate than that. When I'm out I mentally believe I'm female until someone points it out or I look in a mirror. Kind of an unhappy moment but I get through it. Feel free to ask any questions you'd like.

Where did you come from? What is your history?

So, your a girl, but you're in a man's body as an alter ego? I'm sorry if i sound rude, but I just don't get how that would work. Yes, I think it's possible. I myself have a sort of other. I have a few questions, tho. My other, well, she hasnt told me her true name, since names hold power, so I call her Neko-Sama. Yea, she doesnt really 'take over', so much as assist. Are you that way too, or are you there one minute, and then gone the next? What happens to the guy who's body it is? or, is it your body? Sorry, just really curious. Do you see yourself as looking different, like the personalities of Sybil, or do you see yourself in the guy's body? Does the guy just take a backseat while you control the body, or does he just 'go somewhere'? Neko-Sama talks, and every once in a while, makes my body move, but she's not totally in control. Kind of like, if the person in the backseat leans foreward to gab hold of the steering wheel for a second, and then is pushed back to the backseat again. Are you that way too?