Lots Of Em.....

i have a lot of "sisters". they are all part of me and sometimes take over in certain situations. there are 2 of them i know of so far. one of them is bianca. bianca was born when i got spanked one day as a kid. she is the violent/defensive side that protects me and takes over. since i couldn't use self defense before it was too late, she came and vowed to help me, no matter what. when mom and dad got into a nasty fight over who got control over me...she sohved me into my head, told me to stay put, took a nail file on the counter and held at dad's neck, telling them to stop fighting. that shocked them both, giving me a chance to go out and give them a piece of my mind. after shouting really loud at them for 20 minutes, the police came. grandpa was there and had called em. after telling the whole situation (aside so yeah, even though bianca is pretty yandere, i owe her one for that. she still waits inside in case something happens.
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If you really like your personality,then put it into use, you can categorize them into rolls they need to play for you and others. It's like team work in one, one with a hive mind.