True? Of Course.

I have a split personality. I know this for a fact because she talks to me.

Strange, I know.

I remember that the first time I was talking to her was when I moved. I was alone for awhile and she just sort of....happened? But the things she would tell me were things I hadn't known before and it really scared me. She told me about herself and I found out some strange things about her. Right now, she's itching my insides for writing this to the world.

I should probably stop talking.

DeathBeforeDishonour DeathBeforeDishonour
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2 Responses Mar 5, 2010

haha, that kind of sounds like Neko-sama! she's always there for me, talking to me and saving me from saying stupid things (most of the time). At first, i thought my mind made her up, but if i made her up, wouldnt she agree with me 100% of the time, and always be positive to me? cuz she's all. she has her own ideas, and her own personality. can't say if she's happy or not right now, i'm slowly opening up to more people, but she's kind of grumpy about it.