Spoiled But Soooo Prescious

My 2 year old shih tzu, Krystmas, is the most innocent thing in the world. He never does anything wrong even when it is clear that he is the culprit. He wrapped our whole dining room in yarn and my husband freaked about it when he got home. My mom swore that krystmas did not do it and she told my husband that was her method of measuring how much yarn she needed to make a sweater!! For his second birthday, he had a full birthday party with cake for the human guests and dog treat cupcakes for his dog friends on our street. We sang happy birthday and he got lots of toys, snacks and clothes. My aunt got him a gift card for a day at the doggy spa. He will enjoy that pretty soon.
CJG2014 CJG2014
18-21, F
Dec 10, 2012