Between My Legs.

Between my legs, but not where you might think!

There's a spot on my body that my boyfriend absolutely loves and goes crazy over, and that spot is...

Well, if you're a woman, I can explain it to you. Sit down with your legs crossed. Now, feel just below the lower portion of your pelvic muscle, between your thighs and your uhm, 'pleasure spot' and trace your finger down until you hit soft flesh. You should be feeling your butt cheek now. (Update: It's the little groove where your leg meets your butt cheek!)

That's his favourite spot on my body. Really. (Really, I'm not kidding! Haha.) He loves kissing me there and poking at it when we're playing around and cuddling, and I don't know why, but I love him for choosing that spot.

It's intimate, but not naughty. It's warm and soft and I love feeling any part of his body near it when we cuddle. And he loves to play around with it and a whole bunch of other spots when he goes down on me.

I know most guys would choose a girl's more private places (although this spot is quite private in itself!), or the nape of their girlfriend's neck, or some other cliche place. But just knowing that my boyfriend has a favourite spot on me that only him and I know of, like a special little secret between us for the rest of our lives...

It just lets me know that he loves me enough to notice my details. It lets me know he's taken the time to explore every part of me. It lets me know that he's not in this for sex or out of loneliness or just because he thought I was pretty.

We're not in a relationship merely because we're in the same place, at the same time. We're together, and he loves me--for me, and every single little part of me. And that is a feeling I can't even begin to describe.
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6 Responses Jan 17, 2012

You're so lucky!! :)

hat is so sweet, ...and sexy!

Yeah, it definitely is. Thanks. :)

I he'll find even more new and sweet spots to kiss while he's on his "exploratory missions" :D

Haha, I sure hope so! :)

My man has a thing about my knees, especially the back of the knee. I'd never noticed it before, but I must say that a bit of tongue action there is a good thing!

Oh dear. That sounds like a wonderful spot! I'd probably get all ticklish, though!

hhmm i wonder how lucky your bf is really are,anyway if you would like to share i will gladly like to see.....hhmmm


its a joke why would you let it shown if not your bf,im just thinking how lucky your bf to taste it....

Wow he really loves you.<br />
<br />
Any plans set for a wedding date? hahaha, just kidding!

Oh, psh. Sometime in the future, not yet though! And, of course, thanks. :)