My Husband Is Depressed

Husband suffers from depression he got hurt a year after we got married. he messed up his disk in
his back hes had a back secergy and facing more . hes been on meds for the pain nothing helps. all the doctors
i ve lost count most think pain meds will help him but for his pain it doesnt . the doctors all they seem to do is push pills on him
that are addictive that he does want they dont help his pain only zonk him out . some of his doctors flat out ask him name your posion meaning
just name it what you want . he asked the doctor what are you nuts . we didnt go back to that doctor you dont what to know what we thought
of that doctor . if he was faking it he would have named oxiy something but the meds dont help at all . now the new meds are for some one with M.S.
 and the side effects he things his bowels are shutting down so he googled it and we was shocked at all the side effects it effects the liver and shuts it down the muscles . i cant belive what doctors try to push on people . he will eather get hooked on pills if he takes some of the pain meds he just refuses them and the doctor thinks he faking it . but the thing is why take meds that dont work or just makes you a junkie? its not life . my husband is so
depressed most all he cant support his wife and daughter . most think hes got the life of a king setting back collecting ssd. its not a fun life
he wants to get back to work but he cant ever go back to work . of all the people in the world my husband loved his job taking care of his family.
most people treat me like hes trash becalse hes disabled . ive seen this man cry from the pain hes in and the way the doctors treat him. i found his letter
he wrote to his lawyer it was a letter he was going to end it all not leave me but end his pain . i talked to him about this letter of ending his pain.
so many dont see his pain  . people just dont have compasssion at all and to say the doctors dont have compassion or show it . its so sad how the disabled are treated people getting ssd act like its welfair hes getting ,but hes worked all his life sents he was 15 years old hes almost 50 now
 so many do get social secerty dislabilty its not enough to live on ,hes payed in all his life worked hard .but ive talked him into not sending the letter
to his lawyer . hes a little better with his deperssion but so many judt dont understand men get depressed too. so the best i can do is help him.
 and let him know iam not going anywhere and i support him in all ways that i can .
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My heart goes out to you I have a husband in the same boat as yours only he can't collect ssd yet because according to the govt because of my small trust we make too much money. We can't afford insurance to be able to actually get a proper diagnosis of whats wrong with him because the tests cost too much money. All we can do right now is manage the pain with meds and manage the depression with antidepressants.<br />
<br />
I want you to know there is hope, our dr told us my husbands depression is mostly due to him being in constant intense pain all the time.They put him on anti depressant medication and though the progress is slow it's working along with finally a good combination of pain meds with an anti inflamitory. Heres a little factoid you may not know, you can be put on some asskicker pain meds but if you don't get control of the inflamation first they will not work, My husband has to take 600mg of ibuprophin 4 x a day along with his other meds if he doesn't the meds are worthless.<br />
Another thing is, the maufacturer of your drugs makes a very big difference, we didn't think it matterd at first but it matters in many ways. Don't lose hope and tell your husband don't give up hope and get him on an antidepressant but make sure you watch him carefully some medications will worsen his depression and if that happens you must tell your Dr. immediately. But just hang in there you guys will get through it. I hope that info helped you.

thanks so much you have given me hope thanks so much.

honey your welcome this is a hard road we're on, glad it helped you can e-mail me too at