Finally-other Spouses Like Me!!!!!!!!!!

hello........i have been married to my wife for 14 yrs. after 4 mo. of living together, the 1st alter shared his presence with me, of course at halloween time. well, after 2 more mo., we went to the best psychiatrist in the area.---------------- YOU GUYS ARE GONNA LOVE THIS---------------he told me that since i am right there with her, that---------I AM-------------THE EXPERT. -----------yep, yep,yep that is what he F. said. all the advice i could stomach for only $175.00 an hr.   SOOOOO.....i became the DAMN expert. OH YEAH. trouble is i REALLY need some support, TOOOO.   so, i put out the circle feelers, y'all can write back now. OK,ok. if i seem a little OFF, you might have a clue why. i live in the TWILIGHT ZONE. but hey, all us BROKEN people have been living there comfortably for LONG time now, heh, heh   ACU

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Yip some threapists are a real piece of work and know zero.<br />
Even though we live with the patient we both need expert advice.<br />
We really need support. <br />
Once I wrote a report on what I had witnessed with my friend and alot of things she actially had lossed time over so was just filling in some gaps.<br />
The threapist thought I was a threapist and asked my friend why she had left me to go and see her. I said she hasn't left me I'm right here and I'm her best friend not her threapist. She then argued with both of us that a child alter could take adult dose of meds as it's the same body. Please been there and done that and the child alter sleept all night and most of the next day. Swiftly moving onto another threapist. Thank God we found a Gem.

MPD was renamed Dissociative Identity Disorder. . . <br />
<br />
They're the same thing.

This sounds more like multiple personality disorder.

Hey ACU, we definitely do need support. I think for some people it's hard to remember that everything that happens to our spouse happens to us, too. Not that our spouses forget that, because I know mine couldn't be more grateful for all that I deal with.<br />
<br />
It certainly can be hard to sort our thoughts out to share a coherent story.<br />
<br />
I find it interesting that the psychiatrist said you're the expert. I find that my mother-in-law has a hard time believing how much Trayus and I know about his condition. She even thinks that there is no way we should know how many alters he has and who they are. When you hear six different voices in your head. . . well, there are six alters. And when the one that is control most of the time confirms this. . . When Trayus can see all six of them. Yes, clearly, we know without a doubt that there are at least six. When I interact with some of them often, yes I AM the one who knows how to handle them best right now.<br />
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Please keep posting =) I'm happy you found us.