It's Been A While. . .

And to those of us living with a partner who has DID. . . You can guess a lot has happened.

We are fighting with Jin who is up to something risky, and can't figure it out. Amazingly as much as I am irritated by his games, I am not afraid of him. I don't even mind his presence, which is good because it seems I am going to have his company more often before things get better.

Vincent keeps disappearing, which basically lets Jin do whatever he wants, then Lassalle we think is working with Jin. . .

I think I'm a bit overwhelmed I don't know where to start. Things are easier for us than for some I'm sure. . . but we're tired. Trayus inches closer and closer to a break down everyday and I do everything I can for him. I find myself doing any cleaning he is asked to do, I make most of his food, let him use the laptop all the time, just hoping and praying anything will keep him a little stronger. But I'm getting tired. I fear I'll get angry or resentful doing all of this, but I also feel like I don't do enough...

On top of it all Amina (his female alter) is pretty much in love with me. I absolutely adore her, and love spending time with her, even miss her when she's not around for a long period of time. But the second she feels rejected by me she loses it, she's curled up under a blanket and just cried until she left, according to Stephon she's locked herself in her room and cried for days until I could talk to her again. But keeping her happy is sometimes at the expense of keeping my husband happy, but if she's not happy he feels that tooo. . . and and and

Too much.

I should have a job soon. At least we'll be able to buy food we like.
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1 Response Sep 9, 2010 never told me you might resent me for doing those things...I can try and do better. I guess I have just been lost in the attempt to distract myself from my own pain and suffering for too long...I'm sorry