A Typical Day in My Life

Hi again,

I just thought I would share a little more about my husband and tell of a typical day in my life.

My husband is disabled from the military. I left my job to stay home with him. He is more stable with me here. We are each others best friend. We are always together and that's the way we like it.

Boy 6 years old, I will call Adam. Adam is usually the last one to go to sleep at night and the first to wake up in the morning. He woke this morning we had breakfast, went swimming, and ran some errands. The teens were out as well. The others were'nt as active as usual today.  I saw my husband today for about 15 mins. He came out to pick out some things at the hardware store. The kids are now watching their shows with our niece who is 20 years,  for hours now.

I can count on one hand the number of times I have fell asleep with my husbands in the past four years. The kids really love being out so any chance they get they take it. My husbands allows it. It makes life easier for him. He knows what is going on. They are just in the forfront. It takes a toll out of my husband with the others being out. So he is exhausted by 8 pm. This allows the kids to be out.

There have been times when the elders have been out for days and I hav'nt seen the kids. I miss them all when I hav'nt seen them for a day or so. I love them all and I am quite happy with the way things are. Considering where we came from years ago. Of course in a perfect world he would be the man I met. The one who swept me off my feet. I miss that, yes. Most marraiges don't stay happy go lucky and mushy, anyways. I do get tons of hugs and kisses each day. No matter who is out. They are just different types of affection depending who is out. I know for certain that I am loved beyond words. Do I long for adult companionship some days? Yes. I long for it some days , but all in all though it balances out.

I will write again soon. Take care and continuous healing.

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WOW hat's off to you. You are so good with the children and I'm sure they just love you. You must also miss your husband alot though. I know when I play a game with one of the children or watch a movie and then sing someone to sleep because they only small, I feel ok that was nice but where's my friend and she now always comes back. It never use to be like that sometimes when there was chaos it would be a couple of days. The first time I got a text message and went to her house she wasn't there only a small crying child it shook me to my roots and I thought I would never see her again. God's grace and wisdom is needed in dealing with this condition and he gives it. I wish you peace and happiness.

I do miss the adult companionship at times when the littles have been out for so long. They are working on this each day. The littles have certain days that are theirs and the other days are open for the adults. The littles are very helpful and do a lot of things better that what the adults do.You are a very good friend.

Hi Leena,<br />
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Very similar lives. Yes he takes meds. He was diagnosed as bi-polar too. He used to take paxil for depression and anxiety. He now takes Zoloft. I don't think I could live with him if he weren't on meds. He also takes Topamax for the night terrors. They both help a lot.

Leena,<br />
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You and your husband's life sound exactly like hours. The littles love to be out and do take the opportunity when he is sick and tired. I couldn't imagine my life with anyone else. It hasn't always been easy. I was stressed before. Things are so much better now. I quit my job to be with my husband. We are always together. I love all his alters and miss them if I havn't seen them for a while. <br />
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You sound like you have a great system and support. I'm very happy for you, that you have someone who loves you all!<br />
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Thanks for commenting!<br />
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Take care,<br />
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Lisa = )

Your household DOES sound a lot like ours. I guess our lives have become more stable as well; that is until something very stressful occurs.

My husband stays home with me as well as he injured his back and now he has early retirement (God sure does work in mysterious ways). We're best friends so that definitely helps. He tells me that I help him as well. He has depression from his back problems and he has his own issues from an abusive past as well yet he didn't split. I don't know why but sometimes I think I see others in him sometimes. That could also be his sense of humour but when he is down it is hard for me because this really effects my mood.

Just a question, does your husband take any meds? I am asking because I do, then again I am Bipolar as well.

Talk to you soon.


It's so cool that you are there for your husband - you have quite a large family. You sound like a busy mom and wife, that's for sure. Don't you ever get tired of always having all of those responsibilities? Do you ever feel like you would be happier with someone else? That's what I wonder about my husband sometimes. I wonder how he puts up with me - and my others. At times I feel bad that he has so much on his plate. I ask him about it and he says he loves me and everyone and that he would not have it any other way. He says he has a ready-made family and he is really happy. He says that he would really miss my alters, especially the little ones with whom he is very close. I have one boy named Paul and he is 6. My husband is so proud of the little guy. One night Paul woke up screaming and crying and my husband held him until he calmed down, Apparently, Paul was crying because he couldn't protect the girls. This really affected my husband and he understood and sympathized with Paul. I have many little girls and they keep him busy with their books and toys and stories. I also have several teens and women of different ages. Dave(my husband) loves everyone and has very close relationships with them. Like your husband, I get very tired and that is when the little ones love to come out - they also take advantage when I am sick - also when I am very stressed - they would like to be out all of the time!!! Too bad they are in a 46 year-old body --- no wonder I am tired all of the time!!!<br />
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Talk to you soon... Leena

I don't have much time to comment right now, but I wanted to thank you for sharing =) I'll get back to it when I have more time.