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Hi am New here and i just recently found out that my boyfriend has DID and i would like to help him anyway i can but i am not that talkive :( could someone give me some tips on how to help and be more supportive.
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Be there for him. Listen to what they all have to say. Always be honest with them, so that they trust you. Trust is very important. Never lie to them. Don't take any abuse. Listen to your intuition on when to just let things be. It really does no good to argue with the alters. If they don't like what is being said they will just go away Then, the host comes back with no idea of what happened. Good luck!

I tried to add you for this reason. I have just found out my wife has this too and am finding it a little daunting at times. I just try to talk to all the altars as they are my friend and we all have to live together in the same house so i ask them to treat me as I treat them. My wife blacks out and doesnt remember when this happens but I tell the altar whoever it may be to go and lay on the bed so she doesnt notice as she feels if she forgets or blacks out that "what happened ??? did I do something bad ?"she has no idea so I dunno. pls add me so we can sorta chat about it and help one and other. hope you are doion well and hope your man is doin ok with it aswell. take care

make sure he gets appropiate help. I am struggling myself at the moment because my partner has always had the support and everyone one forgets about the partner. I wish you well and say dont make the same mistake as me. see someone yourself to get support and remember his did is not your fault. in supporting him you need to be compassionate and understanding but make sure he gets help it is not his fault but getting help for it is a choice

please understand many feel it has become a catch all illness that others are placed in it when they have no idea where they belong<br />
<br />
it is very wide spectrum illness<br />
<br />
try holding him and just telling him it is ok but watch out for a abuse and be ready to leave and walk away and understand he has no control many times<br />
drugs abuse and drink are major factors in the illness trying to make the feelings go away he may hear voices telling him to do things<br />
<br />
but i guess you need to tlak with him and figure out where he fits something may have happened as a child from abuse to rape and he can not deal with being a mlae that was raped and he did nothing to prevent like as children we could do any thing<br />
<br />
he may feel he is in the wrong body over what happened he may feel dirty all the time and unworthy of love<br />
talk but be ready to move fast if he stricks out at all times<br />
<br />
youmay find it is triggered by smells of food or tv shows or even certain types of noise

Thank u