Cant Cope Any More

I have never had any support for living with someone with DID. It is him who always gets the help support and sympathy. he doesnt understand that I should have any problem living with it. He is a lot worse when he drinks alcohol and has been doing that a lot lately and I cant cope anymore. he is supposed to only have 3 alters but Im wondering who Im with at the moment. I think it may be his child alter although wondering if someone I dont know. We always used to at least have a good sex life but thats non existant, and now I feel guilty cos maybe he is in a child state and maybe thats who I have been trying to interest. I cant cope anymore Im so lonely confused afraid and unhappy and because he doesnt always have co consciousness he wonders what I am talking about when i try and say how he has been treating me he denies it and looks suprised. I cant cope
leiennja leiennja
3 Responses Jul 22, 2012

I understand what ou are going through. Is your husband in therapy? There probably are more than three alters. The host is most likely the one who is not understanding what you are trying to tell him. I'm sure it's an alter that is treating you in whatever way out of the norm. Try to make a connection with them. If you are wondering who is out then ask them. Get to know them and the things that are troubling them. Hang in there!

Hi Leiennja<br />
I am so sorry u going through this but want you also to know (I do understand and can relate) I am 56 and walking the same road with my best friend for the passed 14yrs and still trying to be there for her and my husband not understanding and not wanting to understand. Had no support from anyone anywhere and never knew at the time about ep ither. So please I would like to support you any way I can if you need to just sound off because you stressed or have any questions or whatever please I have such a heart not only for people with this condition but also for those who walk this walk with them as I know and understand how hard it is. Please write me anytime honestly I do feel for you.