I have talked about my husband's last alter Fay, who needs to emerge and tell her story.

We had to come to his hometown because of an emergency. Fay has shown herself a number of times since we've been here. She is unable to talk and has motioned what she wants.

She had unfinished business to deal with and since she has been having these needs met she is starting to want to finally show my husband what her trauma is.

It is going to be really difficult for him, but she knows he is ready for it. She is just trying to get the courage to tell it. We all know what it is, except for my husband.

My husband is reliving his life from birth on. He needs to do this so he can get Fay's memories and continue reliving his life from there. This time he is seeing it from and adults view.

I watched Fay and another alter as they relived their trauma. The one that is being kept from my husband. He was getting the body memories and emotions, but not the facts, while this was taking place. It was really hard to watch, but I did not interfere, as this is part of the healing process. 

He is so excited that he will soon be a whole man with all the memories of his life. All the memories the others have protected him from. Therapy has been 4.5 years in the making and is nearing the end.

It has been a long journey with many ups and downs. Many hard moments for them. It is going to be so worth all the effort and hard work from all of us. 

I am so excited and happy for them. 

He will be totally healed, but has no intentions of integrating any of his alters unless that is what they want.

I am so PROUD of him and all of them. They have shown me so many things. I am very fortunate to have them in my life. 

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thank you for sharing your story, the path to healing is a long one and its awesome to hear that hes getting there. and as for integration thats a good move....Natural or Willing integrations are the 2 of 3 that work *forced integration never works and its a vary bad idea!*

take care of your self


SystemK, Thank you for commenting. It is a long process, but you see healing each day. It doesn't even seem like it's been 4.5 years. My husband's parts are not going to integrate as of now. Integration isn't always good. With it the parts lose their special talents. Drawing for example. If they were to integrate the artist, They wouldn't be as good at drawing as they are now. = )

something we have noticed is that Multiples across the bored are creative and talented in some artistic way. i/we are a skilled poet, a great writer of short stories, we can draw like no bodies business, and a few of us are vary musical with a key bored. our wife is a vary skilled and creative writer. and shes got this thing with fashion too, she will play any fashion game she can get her hands on :)

SystemK, You are right! Fay is a poet too. E is a very good writer, F is the artist, Jon is a Jack of all Trades, D is a survivorlist, Jo is a computer whiz and MB and Le are into fashion. Le is four and she loves to make characters on the Playstation or XBox. They each have something they are extremely good at. It just takes forever for them to complete a task.

Hi Lisa,<br />
<br />
Nice to hear that possitive things are happening.<br />
Hard for you and your hubby and also for Fay. This is a time where alot takes place at once and it is exhausting for all of you. I admire and respect the way you are so supportive and involved and it blesses me to know there is someone else out there who imbraces DID regardless of the negative reactions that come from some proffesionals. We have hands on experience and deal with it day and night.<br />
Thanks for posting, you will be in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs

Thanks Mpde! There are definitely ups and downs, but for me the ups out way the bad. I have learned so much spiritually, emotionally, and knowledge wise from all this. I would do it all over again!

Lisa...<br />
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Thank you for sharing your story, it's so encouraging for me to hear that your husband is able to work through these awful memories and to move forward with your lives. I still have a long road ahead of me, but reading your story, I see that there is light at the end of the tunnel with patience, understanding and courage. You must be an amazing women yourself and your husband is lucky to have you in his life for love, support and encouragement. People that aren't in a relationship like we are, don't understand what we go through and sometimes sacrifice for our spouse, but it is ALL worth it. It's nice to hear that your husband doesn't want integration unless the alter does. I have grown to love each and every one if my husbands alters as individuals and would miss them. Thank you again, hugs...... Raffeee

Raffee, Your welcome and thanks for all the positive comments. Hang in there! It has been worth it for me. I too love each and everyone of my husbands alters as individuals. = )

Lisa, <br />
<br />
Glad to hear it hubby and his peeps are working it out.<br />
<br />
Underneath all the hidden memories and behind all the alters, some-ONE (your hubby) is choosing Truth.<br />
<br />
Watch in awe and wonder.<br />
<br />
STT : )