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My husband has been the closest friend that I've ever had. He has seen me through more then anyone. We were eachothers support for years before we were a couple and took deep pride in the fact that we waited.... because in his mind slow building friendship creates true intamacy. Once we became intemate he started showing sighns of mpd. I guess those sighns were there for years but I just saw them as all the sides of the most passionate man id ever met. Wether it be happiness artistic expression anger comroderie.....but now that we've been together for a year we have been deep in the state of crisis because he himself has relised that he has did. And the fact that he has never actually commited to anyone before due to this is very intense. He has gone through so much in the last year and finally co contiouse...partly. it has been so hard watching him loose it with the realisations that are crippiling at times. He needs help and we can't afford it so we read a lot and luckily enough have a friend who has dealt w this for 30 years but unfortunately they trigger eachother and although she wants to be there for him she can't. I love him more then I can ever put into words. These are hard and amazing times. The individual stories I could tell would go on and on. I haven't written for this reason. But it has been so nice to read stories and know we're not alone....but I have to admit sometimes its really lonely....and hard
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yes cross triggers between multiple is vary common...but it is helpful to have other multiples/ *people with DID* in your life and in his life too because that way he can know that hes not the only one with this condition, or hes not the only one whos suffered the same things.

Keep being strong and dont give up :)

- Jenny -

I understand exactly what you are going through. Try to connect with as many as you can. Gain their trust, respect and love. Never lie to them on purpose.

Check Mental Health in your county they offer low to no cost care. It is very important for him/them to get the therapy they need, so they can heal and become a stronger.

I'm here if you need to talk.