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Well I have a boyfriend and I haven't got round to telling him yet but the doctors and other treatment people ( WHO I HATE) reckon (98% sure) I have DID what the hell do I say or do.... It's a long distance relationship I'm only 15 but he means so mucho do t want to loose him but I can't keep it from him... Help!
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Thank you everyone. I took a big step and told him but then we ended up breaking up because he couldn't accept me.i now have a loving boyfriend who knows and is my soulmate in every way <3

If you two are close friends he may be hurt that you wouldnt trust him with this very important part of you. And he may want to take this journey with you. He may help you learn about yourself as most relationships do. Just make sure that he is a healthy honest person you need that more then anything right now....healthy honest safe positive good people. Take care of yourself and good luck with this journey

As someone who has done a long distance relationship, and it failed, I would suggest to not get too wrapped up in an online romance until you are at an age you can have a meeting. Many many many online long distance relationships are not who they say they are. You may think yours is different and that is very possible. Just don't assume you are immune. I made that mistake. I found out a month before my guy got married that he had a fiance. :

If this relationship is based on friendship first meaning you talk to each other about most things then he more than likely has noticed switching occur and either thinks it is a cute quark if he has only noticed one or has been wondering what has been going on... so if you feel comfortable in sharing your dx then ask him if he has noticed anything if he volunteers than share what you can about DID if he hasn't then concentrate on you and your understanding of DID didn't say how long you have been together but if it has been awhile then a part of you already is around just for him.
Good Luck hon...Hugs.

You are very young. Concentrate on healing! If it's meant to be it will.
Take care, Lisa

Ok thank you

Congrats on finding out aboutnyour did and getting help so young.! You have so much to work through, stay focused on that.