My Husband Lies

I think he learned it when he was young, although his family tells me different. He has lied from the first time we met, the problem is that he is so good at it, it's hard for me to know when he's lying or just confused. A pathological liar lies when they don't even have to. They have a difficult time telling facts from reality. I have been in situations with him, then he repeats the story to someone else later, and it's totally exaggerated and blown out of proportion. I talk to him later about it and he says I'm wrong. Apparently, he can't stop. It's very sad really because as I see it, his whole world is pretend. I have come to respect people that tell the truth and honesty has become incredibly important to me because of all the damage my spouse has done by lying to me over the years.
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1 Response Sep 13, 2012

My sons dad lies compulsively as well, and about things that make no sense to lie about. "I found this movie in the $5 bin" Umm, receipt here says $15. Why lie? He sneaks fast food and hides the evidence, like I care if he had a hamburger. He even told me just the other day about some class he had to take for work, but he told me the same exact story a year ago to the letter about some killer snails smuggled in from Africa down in Miami, hmm....Im starting to wonder what else he is hiding. I dont get it, and liars annoy me above anything else so I feel your frustration. I have broken it off with him but we still live in the same house for our son and financial reasons but I have decided I just cant live with someone who lies about everything and pretty much avoids talking about anything that matters. 4 years of conversations purely based on tv shows, the weather and our dogs bathroom habits are more than enough for me!!