He cheated in 2003. We rebuilt and got married in 2005. He cheated again in 2007. We rebuilt and had our children in 2008 and 2010. The woman from 2007 came back in 2011. We tried marriage counseling. We separated about a month ago. Everyone wants to tell me how to handle things, but I'm not ready to give up. We grew up together and I believe that we can overcome this. There is a lot of pain. Everyday is a new torture. We still see each other everyday because of the kids. I firmly believe everything happens for a reason. We just need to make sure that all this pain is worth the lesson we have to learn.
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you were warned ... but you seem to love him a lot to forgive him! dont go back to him! it ll take time.. but move on!

In some states you have the right to sue the other woman for allienation of affection. Maybe you live in one of these great states...

Not gonna lie, when I read your comment, I laughed. But I refuse to give this woman anymore of my time. She doesn't deserve my time or my concern. It's bad enough she's getting attention from him.

Oh sweetie, but this would be worth it. Google the woman in NC who won 9MILLION dollars in a lawsuit from the "other woman". It's not all about the money it is also about letting this homewrecker know who is the boss and that you will not let her ruin your family so easily...

I did look it up. My state doesn't do it. :-(

That stinks. Girl I am just going to pray for you...

Thanks! I appreciate it!

Most men realize the grass isn't always greener on the other side.

I really do hope he does. It seems like he is starting to. I just have to be strong enough and patient enough to let him have the space to figure it out. This is the hardest thing I have been through, but I know it can have the greatest reward. Thanks again for your positive thoughts.

I was told by a friend that to see a happy ending you have to go through the **** first... Just don't lose yourself in the process...

Trying my damnedest to maintain myself and keep my kids happy. I have a lot of great friends, thankfully.

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I'm not saying to give up but, are you the only one trying to make it work? It has to come from the other person too, you both have to want it at the same time. There is no easy answer or fix for it, I'm sorry you are going through this. :(

I believe I will know when to give up. We have had more open and honest communication over the last month than we have had the past year. If nothing else, we need to be able to be parents together. I am following the path that I believe I need to. Time will tell if his path meets up with mine again.

Very sad and unfortunate... Only a person's actions reveal the intentions of a heart. His intent and actions are obvious, what are yours?

To save my marriage and keep my family intact. People give up way too easy.

I wish you the best... i am with my children's mother and we are not married... we tried and tried.... couldn't make it work! I hope you find your way.

Thanks for the well wishes!

I hope everything will turn out ok for you! Best wishes!

Thanks! It's nice to get best wishes instead of told what to do. :-)