So, I'm tired of being a whiny, little *****. This is not me. This crying and being depressed, it's very unnatural. Not gonna lie, it's still there, but I'm done letting it take over. I am at least 10x the woman she is. Always have been, always will be. She can't even come close to touching this. And if he chooses her, so be it. That's his loss, not mine anymore. I'm gonna be me again. Strong, confident, and take charge. That's how I was raised to be and that's how I want to raise my children. I still do have hope for my marriage, but I'm done letting it consume me. 2013 is gonna be my year. I might as well start getting ready for it. :-)
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You absolutely cannot allow cheating to consume you. I don't know the details, but if you think he is fixated on her above you, then why would you want to be 2nd best? If he chooses your marriage than that's a great sign. But, you and your husbands trust has been destroyed and it will never be 100% again. You will always carry a slight bitterness, and will have to figure out how to deal with it, because it will not help your marriage to rub it in his face frequently.

You go, girl!
Make this year your *****.