Not Sure Exactly What To Do!

I have been married for almost 13 years. My marriage has not been great, for many reason but never once have I had to deal with an emotional affair, by my husband.
A old friend from my husbands past contacting him on facebook, and me being the nosey wife read the first message she sent to him. It was very innocent on her end. His response not so much. He went into telling her he has been an addict for many years and has been in recorvery for over a year, and should be happier than ever and he just isnt. I asked him about it and he got mad that I looked at his account. They began to have contact via text and phone calls. Come to finf out she is an addict also and was and is trying to get clean. I told him I didnt like it and asked for it to stop. He began to hid the phone calls and text messages. She lives on the other side of the country from us in our home town. I finally had enough, I knew something wasnt right, i had him move out. In that time he decided he was going to take a trip back to our home town to see family and his close friend. Upon his return he said he wanted to come home. My heart broke, he swore it wasnt because of her and he wasnt talking to her anymore. He went on his trip and I truelly believe he didnt see her. He has since came back home and has told me he has not talked to her and has deleted her from facebook and so on. I am having trouble believing this from him. I love him and want to believe that he has. He has come home to me and our kids, told me he wants it to work and even said sorry for allowing the relationship with her to get out of hand. I really want it to work between us. Any advice on how to move on and trust him again?
gottatalkaboutit gottatalkaboutit
Dec 12, 2012