Staffy That Steals And Snores

Hey everyone I have the most wonderfull 7 month old staffy called olive she is such a big softie ( has to be with my kids lol) there is only one problem she steels stuff! If there is anything on the ground she will slyley pick it up and run outside to the side of the house and hide whatever she could get I don't no if it's a game to her or if she just likes to take stuff and hide it but other then that she is a great dog oh and she is a inside dog with our 6 year old mini foxy buddy who is the boss of the house and her and he puts her into line it's so funny seing a small dog scare a staffy lol and is there anyway I can stop her snoring as she sleeps in our bed and man is she loud.
Snorerdog Snorerdog
May 11, 2012