She Won't Leave Me Alone

I have a stalker...actually i have 2 but the second one i'm not too concerned about.

My stalker has been with me for the last year and a half. You would think she would get bored and move on to someone new. She has written stories about me.... posted nasty anon confessions about herself and blamed me for them.... and most recently she has written a blog about me and how i'm a fake.

Now you may wonder how i know so much since i have blocked her and she has blocked me. Well, i recently received a message from a person in her circle. He wanted to know who the person behind all the stories was....and decided to introduce himself. we talked in depth and he read my stories and for a brief moment he was invited to look at my pics. After our conversation he couldn't believe that she would go to such length to make me look bad. This individual and i have become quite good friends, unfortunately we cannot become EP friends since she would make his life a living hell. This won't stop us from communicating since we don't need to be EP friends to do that.

She even thinks i have multiple accounts on EP...really, i have a hard enough time keeping track of this one, how would i ever manage more??She, on the other hand will read this and know it's about you ask since i have her blocked. Well she has fake profiles that she uses to check in on me....she posts nasty replies to my answers on the Q & A and on my stories. I feel sorry for pathetic a life she must lead to keep harassing me. She should really concern herself with her life and leave me alone.

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9 Responses Dec 13, 2012

what about reporting her so she get kicked/banned from EP? There are things that shall not be tolerated and shall be fighted. Blocking is not enough for some people ...

repeat again and again :) I guess EP guys are getting somehow behind due to number of people here ...

<p>i had to write e/p 13 times with examples of them stalking me and writing thier natsy vile comments at me and others ......for them to look into the stalker and his abuse he spews out here on e/p</p> my stalker even wrote a friend of mine in my circle to get at me

yea , maybe get the police to take a look ? since its been going on for so long ...

my stlker got kicked off but less than 24 hours later he got back on stll stalking... baiting

i have a e/p stalker too ...

I wonder if she is a he. Mental illness is a terrible thing. Sounds like
your stalker suffers.

For once I take time to finally read some of your posts, it is to find that you are beeing bothered by some nutcase...
most social platforms to produce their share of idiots who forget that behind the profiles and avatars are real people.
A good friend of mine recently terminated her EP account as a result of harrassment. I hope you can get some support from EP as they should be able to exclude those who harrass others.

I agree with you, she should be the one leaving...
EP should remain a space of freedom, to speak, to dream, to share...but also a place where others are respected.

That's a shame you have deal with this.

That's GREAT advice! Sounds like your friend is a mental stud!

that's really scary....I hope you're able to keep your distance and continue on with your own life. This person sounds like an unstable and disturbed individual. I mean, WHO does that??? Take care of yourself and I wish you all the best! xo

It is sad, but to the target of the stalker, you, it can be scary. I hope she hasn't gotten any of your real-life information and it's limited to EP.

Very smart. And I would make EP admins aware of her actions as well. They might be able to help.

Yupp...that's certainly a stalker..are you sure its a she and not a he...

I bet she doesn't sound will stop her....maybe she just has a major crush on you and she's pissed you don't pay her any attention.....