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i have a real stalker. an ex-boyfirend who coulndt handle it when i said bye. we dated for about 6 months. he started showing controlling characteristics and i broke it off. now, 5 months later he is still stalking me. he has done many things to disrupt my life and scare me. he doesnt just harrass me, its my friends and family also. i have had no communication with him in over 5 months. since then he has called cps on me. which resulted in my kids being pulled out of class in front of their peers and questioned regarding my behavior and drug use. all allegations have been ruled out. my children still had to experience that. horrible. he has sent numerous emails on different email accounts and social networks harrassing me. he has called my work repetitively. stating that i am a prostitute and drug user. he cusses whoever answers the phone at my place of employment. he has emailed my ex trying to get him pissed at me. he has called my parents house many times in the middle of the night. he has broken into my vehicle and stolen property out of it. he has called 911 to my house on two occasions claiming there was an altercation going on in my house. false reports! hes just doing everything he can to disturb my life and harrass me. unfortunately, it affects my children and family also. my poor kids walk around being nervous. now, ive got my mom blaming me for this whole ******* thing. im not doing this. i got away as soon as i saw signs. my mother yelled at me today that i have put everyone in this position. that it is my fault my kids have to go through this. i disagree. i hate this guy and i wish him harm. great harm. like the kind you dont wake up from. ******
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I feel your pain, I was stalked by nut job once. <br />
Best thing to do is document, document and document and ignore. Have your cell phone and regular block his number. Block his emails or funnel them to junk mail and keep for evidence. Never ever reply. Block and make private your settings on Facebook/Myspace<br />
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Consult a lawyer about getting a desit letter, find a lawyer that can do pro bono work; also many lawyers don't charge a consulting fee, just ask. <br />
<br />
File a report with the police department so you have a paper trail. Please contact all your friends and family as to what is happening and tell them not divulge any information about you. <br />
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Tell your work to, that you have a stalker and he is harassing you. If they have a problem with this, go to HR about this. They would not take this likely that an employee is being harassed at work. <br />
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This is not your fault, you are not responsible for his feelings. Stalkers feed off attention good or bad. His life is empty and useless. I recommend the book "The Gift of Fear" you can get this at your library.<br />
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I also recommend that you seek counseling for you and your family. The stress from stalking can be bad for health. <br />
I will send good thoughts to you.

Get a journal and start writing down every thing that he is doing to you. False accusations, stalking, unwanted phone calls, all harassment of you and the people you know, everything. Maybe get video proof. Then go to the police. If they refuse to do anything, just keep pestering them with evidence. The police have to help you; it's their job. If that doesn't work, you might want to move away.