It's Starting To Scare Me...

In September, I got in my car and drove to McDonalds to get some lunch. I noticed a cop get behind me on the main highway and pull into the restaurant. I didn't think anything of it. I ordered and as I pulled around the drive thru, he was waiting in the outside lane in his car. I still didn't think anything of it. I'm totally legal, cops just catch my attention because for some reason, they are super rude to me when they pull me over. Plus, I can't afford the tickets. Any way, I get my food and as soon as I pull out, he jumps behind me and follows me to the street that I live on. Really random. Sometime in October I was swimming at the pool in my neighborhood around midnight. It's warm all year where I live and I like to stay active in the pool. I had bought a new bikini that night and I couldn't wait to try it out. So I swam and this woman came out of no where trying to bum cigarettes out of the ash trays. So I started talking to her and I noticed the same cop pull up and park behind the dumpsters. Keep in mind I live in a wooded, secluded development a mile off the road. It's a private road, and no police should patrol unless asked. He parked behind the dumpsters, out of site, and listened to me and that lady talk for about 45 minutes. I was scared to let that lady go because I felt like he wanted to see which house I would pull up to after I got in my car. Or worse, pull me over and make me face him. Last week, around dusk, I spotted the same cop on the highway. We were both caught at a red light and I was 2 cars behind him in the opposite lane. I let him get far ahead of me and was pretty sure he hadn't seen me. As soon as I turn on the road that heads into my neighborhood, I see headlights behind me. Cop headlights with the markers on the inside. I knew it was him and I got scared. That road is gravel and over a mile long stretch of darkness and woods. I don't think I've ever passed another car on that road. So I slowed to 25-30, made sure i had my seatbelt on and drove straight home. Hoping he would back off. He followed me bumper to bumper the entire length of the road. As we got past the gate and into the neighborhood. He slowed. I thought I lost him or maybe he was turning around. I pulled into my driveway with is no longer than the length of my car. I grabbed my purse and keys and hopped out. As soon as I shut my door I look behind me and the cop car is creeping by me, almost at a stop. I went for the door to my house and he sped off. I am really worried about this. I have never had a stalker before. At first I thought that I had maybe done something wrong. But now, it's creepy. My mom says it was probably and identity check because of the condition of my car, he may have thought I was homeless and too broke to have business in my neighborhood. Plus I have an out of state tag. But I just don't see any point in getting rid of my car. I've had it since I was 16 and I almost 30, it's fine. Why get rid of it. Is that a warrant for my arrest. Should I take it seriously? Should I report it to my local police department? My grandma says I shouldn't report it because he may ask me to marry him. Ugh. I just don't know what to do. Any suggestions?
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2 Responses Dec 15, 2010

Report to the police, if you ever feel threatened this is the number one action. Also try to write down a description of the cop, and possibly registration number so they can track him easily.

Dont feel scared it will be sorted out ASAP by the cops.

thats a pretty scary story! you should tell somebody about this, dont be afraid of hi just because he is a cop