First off i am in school and trying to maintain some sense in the new school that i am attending, but I am having a hard time keeping that goal when i am being stalked. He is a sort African american man who wants my attention. He wants "to get to know me" and he says i "look nice" i know its a compliment but its making me uncomfortable. When i am walking on the track with my boyfriend he is there behind us with an untucked white polo shirt and and khaki pants with his hands stuffed in his pockets. Please help. I could call the police because stalking IS illegal in Mississippi but i think that would be going over the top. Just please give me some advice.
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is he following you on a daily basis or is this a one time thing? <br />
the way you write seems like someone is near you and you just uncomfortable. <br />
why is your boyfriend not saying anything?

If he is following and bothering you when you are walking with your boyfriend, why doesn't your boyfriend say something to him? Why hasn't HE helped you?

Check to see if there is campus security, perhaps they can help. I am assuming you mean college. IF not then tell the principal. You need to have witnesses to report that this is happening to you. You have reason to be concerned. Your 6th sense, intuition, whatever you call it is letting you know that you are in danger. Listen to that voice. Don't go anywhere alone, always have another person with you. BUT report it to someone.