I Have A Psycho Stalker

Im only 16 years old and there is this creepy guy who only saw me once while passing by him.

Suddenly i started seeing him everywhere i go
And once i was walking home at midnight from the grocery store , untill i see myself pinned threw the wall by him
He tried to take my clothes off but i fought back he only bit my neck. Then i smacked his head and knocked him out

I may be young but im really strong and im smart

Anyways that guy is sick i tried telling the police but the guy is 30 and his father owns the biggest police station in our country..so they couldnt do anything

He tried to rape me more than once .....he broke into my house he hit me he bit me ..he said crazy things
But i fought and fought ......i cant handle it anymore

I cant tell my parents because they are dead and i live with my grandparents who are really old and we are a simple famiy ...soo i dont know what to do..
Jarsofheart Jarsofheart
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2 Responses Sep 19, 2012

Find a gun. BAM!!! Problem solved

Even though I can't help that much, but, maybe you should try getting security cameras in your house, and show it to the police when he broke in again.

Yeah I would get the security cameras if possible.. Be safe. Dont walk out at nights. Try not to be alone most importantly. Wear tight+ hard to get off clothing. If you can, move or go on vacation for a little.