What a Nightmare

When I left my boyfriend !! Because of his abusive of me  He had emotional chains around me which were pretty short.
A few months after I left him. As the months went on my ex continued to text and call me and I continued to ignore him. My life with my new guy was going as I wanted it to, slow and steady. Life was good, I had a degree and a good job. But then my ex started stalking me. He would drive by my apartment to see if I was home, and if I wasn't he would call and leave horrible messages and threatening voice mails saying if I didn't get home he would find me and beat me. I didn't think he would ever be able to find me, and I made sure to be in a safe place whenever he would start calling. To this day he still drives by my apartment and work to make sure I'm there. And when I am home and I see him drive by I make sure there's some one around to keep me safe. No one should have to live a life where they fear to be alone at home due to an ex-boyfriend who can't let go.
The gentleman in my life now is patient and very kind, but I also patients runs out.
                                    Only Time Will Tell I hope his patient with me doesn't have a limit
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1 Response Nov 25, 2012

No, no one ever should have to live in fear. Hopefully in time, he will get tired of harassing you and go away. Hugs.

I hope but he has made friends with a girl I work with

Ouch...you are in for some fun with that one....I feel for you.