This girl is nuts....

Met a guy at work, u kno how this story goes...lalala....
She worked there too. This was February 2011....

She was pregnant by him. Nobody believed her because she was nuts. Like calling my phone 9-5 like a JOB! she would call me all through the night, early in the morning. she even popped my car tire, which led to a big altercation between us 2. it was terrible. finally i got enough. i just changed my number, and i ended up moving (not because of her) I got a new car, i tried to move on without that drama. I even got rid of the guy i was dating....

Fast forward to this year. I ended up talking to my exa again. Nothing serious, jus friendly chats on facebook, i gave him my new number, so we texted every once ina while. no drama. We even went to the movies and out to eat a few times. No probems. i asked him how his child was, he said fine, the girl was still crazy but it seemed she calmed a little.


obviously he was lying. or something. cuz she went through his phone and found all our messages and went crazzzyyyy. she called me all day and night, AGAIN, even came to my house threatening me. like, it started to become way worse than the first times. she popped my tire YET AGAIN..she started calling the police pretending to be me, saying that her child father was at my house beating me up- when he wasnt. he was never there. hes been to my house 2 times since we have even became cool again. then she starting calling the police pretending to be one of my neighbors saying i was arguing too loud....when i was at home by myself. AND one of my neighbors argue ALL THE TIME- never was the police called on them. and ive had the same neighbors for over a year. so i kno, its her.

Today, my PPO was approved, and i just need someone to serve her. i changed my number, again, and hopefully this will calm her down a little. but honestly if it doesnt, blood will be shed. because i do not take threats against me, or my daughter too kindly. if she comes to my house or damages my property again i PROMISE i will **** her up. thats a PROMISE- not threat.
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She may have psychological Problem.. You perform a noble work because of in noble profession. Am I right.

Yes, lol i do believe she has a serious mental problem

Please continue to help her.

Wow that's crazy, that b**** is crazy.. Wow..there isn't a word to describe her

Yes. We just fought on Wednesday. I drug her down the street because se tried to jump o me in my car. Then she put a naked picture of me I took when me and the guy she's coo coo over we're dating on Facebook. She's nuts. Smh.

Dam. she had to take a cheap hit. It's crazy you have to deal with this. Yeah.. When you can drop all connections ForEver with this guy and move.. This guy is Underneath this crazy women..working.. It seems like what ever information he has on you, he b+++hes out and tells her.