Crazy Guy

Crazy, delusional, racist guy who followed me fully believing that we were going to get married and have children and I was going to become his slave for life. We weren't even dating!

Okay, so I've been stalked by several different guys, and I realized that I can't force myself to write a really self-pitying story about what I've been through. I understand the frustration and insanity that can come from a guy who actually follows you home and constantly contacts you, and I totally respect every story in this group that has a serious-tone to it. For a change, though, I'd like to take my time to ridicule this crazy guy in a more light-hearted/comedic tone for the next few minutes because it makes me feel better and I've been doing this to make myself laugh at him. Let's be honest, all these crazy guys deserve to be laughed at for their horrible personalities and actions.


The story starts off with a really old guy, who is drugged and oily skinned. He's got the pedo-stash, the pedo-cap, the pedo-clothes, the whole shebang. In ever amazing university lies a crazy man who enters the campus to try to pick up young, college women with his senior-citizen looks and his talk of drugs.

How it all started by being followed by a guy who clearly needs a cane?

First he is one of those guys who goes after a particular ethnicity, but he thinks his own race is the supreme, cream of the crop, king of all races and anyone with a different ethnic background should drop to their knees and bow to him like a god. Believe me, these people exist.

I was introduced to him by my friend, and I thought, "Okay, old guy... maybe he's a serious student unlike those college party animals."


The extraction of my personal information from the school website, eye ***** gestures, the following me everywhere, and the one I hate the most: pushing me against the wall to *try* to kiss me. Note: the magical word is "try" and the implied result is "failed to kiss". He also tried to brainwash me into being his slave, and believe me, his methods will not work on anyone.

He's a guy who wants to have a young, hot, beautiful, sexy girl to be his slave that he can treat like trash and have babies with. I'm not saying I contain any attractive aspects, but if he could date an actress, he would probably pee his pants and have erectile dysfunction and freeze all over, just like when I caught him following me. It was like the movies. I looked behind me and he was 10 feet away, extremely angry eyes like he was a psychopath in those movies, walking in a Nazi march style. When I gave him a death stare, he froze all over as if I told him I was actually a male to female transvestite and I still had my male parts. I think being a transvestite would turn him off COMPLETELY and stop his psychopathic behavior, but he would just end up being a burden on another woman.

Despite having looked as though he took drugs in his younger, pre-senior-citizen life, and being as inactive as a rotting potato, he tries to "show off" his body by wearing SKIN TIGHT pants, but NEVER shaving that pedo-stache or taking off that pedo-cap or doing something about his hygiene. He looks at me after following me into a class he wasn't enrolled in, smiling at me as though his new pants had won over EVERY young female in the class. Don't worry, girls. You'll need a fan, not because he's attractive, but because you're trying to give yourself room to breathe after seeing the fashion disaster unfold on an old man who goes on-campus to unsuccessfully lure women into his apartment (which is paid for by his parents' money).

The humor doesn't stop there. When the teacher realized the stalker's REAL motives weren't to attend the class, but to follow me, the teacher insulted the living daylights out of the stalker. Good job, prof!

It's been a few years, and the oldie is still delusional into thinking we had a thing going on, which of course, didn't exist, so he constantly contacts me. It's great to ridicule things like this. He is annoying, but there are ways to stop the annoying phone calls, you know? Besides, what's weird is that he is afraid of other men, but that's because he thinks women will never fight a man. omg. Who would think of such an idea? Despite the huge number of self-defense classes, the idea for a woman to defend herself is completely ridiculous. /sarcasm

If you had met him and his stalker, ****-imagining nature, you would be able to extract ALL of this from his actions and how he talks, but you never will because he lives alone with nothing to do and once I finally cut the communication lines, he'll be too afraid to approach women even though he likes to follow them...?

Oh yeah, a piece of advice: stalkers LOVE attention, and it doesn't matter if it's good or bad. If you call them "stupid", they will love it because it means you are giving them attention and acknowledging their presence. If you report them to the police, they will love the fact that you thought of them, but they wouldn't like the police coming over. It's a really weird mentality, but stalkers are in their own mental bubble. Just something that seems to be apparent in all stalkers, but you shouldn't listen to me and my case.

The other cases are more mild, so I don't really think it's worth mentioning.

Good luck to everyone in this group, and NO you are not to blame for what the crazies do. I hope everyone else can find solutions as well and don't try to let it get to you!
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Dec 14, 2012