I'm Married, Give It Up Already...

When I got into an accident, I continued my full-time program at school and didn't have any time for my fiance- and when I did, I wasn't feeling well. He wanted to slow things down and take a break because he just wasn't happy with the way things were, and I broke it off completely. For the next three months, he would text or call throughout the day and I just ignored it. Eventually he stopped.

My ex doesn't go to my college, but at least once a week he shows up suddenly to buy coffee. There are many [better and cheaper] coffee shops in the neighbourhood, but when I get coffee at any of the campus cafes and look up suddenly, I see him with his face half-turned my way. Then I can practically stare at him as I walk past him to my class and he stays motionless. This happened today and yesterday, so I'm wondering if he comes every day to watch me. He's not the type to go to a campus cafe to pick up chicks, and these cafes are obnoxiously loud, horrible music, very unsexy.

Whatever, I'm taken and I know I'm safe. Security is everywhere and I say a prayer for my husband and myself every day.
cityparadise cityparadise
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1 Response Jan 11, 2013

You see him again, I advise you to shoot him.