How Do I Get Over?

He's been stalking me for 1 and 1/2 years. I can't do much it seems. I learn from his ex girlfriend's mistakes. She got a protection order and he put her in the hospital.. How? Well.. He asked his "friends" to scare her up a bit, mess up her car but dont kill her.. His "friends" followed her and crashed in to her car and drove off.. I heard shes been hospitalized for 3-5 days..And the ex girl knew what was going on but was too scare to say something. It would be stupid to say or to do something He's not the guy to kidd with.

How did I met him?
I met him through his sister and she didn't give me any hints he was crazy..
The guy, her brother ,seem to be nice and he put on this mask that showed me he was a gentleman. He fooled me..

He asked me out I said no, because my heart belonged to someone else, he got angry.. He flipped out.. And he's been trying for the last 1 & 1/2 to be with me. He's played all types of games like he continues to pretend he's dead sick with liver faliure and he smokes.. And he said things like "if you say yes I will stop smoking and get better" (and I make a **** face).

I tried everything to get rid of him. I tried acting to be a girl he doesnt like, (he didnt believe it) short conversations, telling him the truth, going off and being evil to him. I tried not answering my phone but he comes over my house and I can't call the police cause he might hurt me.. I dont know what to do.. I need a plan that's not going to make me end up dead or hurt.. Does anyone have any ideas?
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Jan 14, 2013