Math Class Stalker

A few weeks ago after class I was driving home and I was still on campus when I notice somebody driving right next to me on the opposite side of the road. My first thought that somebody was trying to run me off the road, but when I looked over it was the guy that sits right in front of me in my Tuesday night Math Class. I thought maybe I forgot something in the class room because why would he be trying to get my attention so badly? So finally he rolled his window down and asked me out. He told me his name was Doug (which was a lie, I found out it was Steven on Tuesday) and I told him I would not meet up with him - I am in a relationship after all!


So this Tuesday after class he was being creepy again. I went to the gas station right across the street from the campus and he drove through the gas station parking lot and almost was waiting for me at the stop sign. He just happened to be headed the same way as me and I was driving behind him the whole time. He eventually turned a few blocks before my own apartment.

Today I found out from campus police that he doesn't even live in the same town as me, in fact he would have to go the opposite way to get to the  town where he lives.


It's a little creepy and I have not had anything happen to me like this before!

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2 Responses Feb 19, 2009

If I were you, I'd rather to check out if he has a criminal record or not.

Absolutely .. put it out there let the campus security know and the local police, explain what has been occuring ... again even if they can't do anything at this point , it is in a report.. Be safe.. God bless..