Creepy, Clingy, "Friend/stalker" From Highschool Who Won't Let Go!

OK, I had this two faced creepy "friend" in highschool. I was actually introduced to her in the 6th grade on that blasted day which should have never happened and ever since then she has been clingy and stalker-ish. I finally moved away after the 11th grade a few years ago and slowly weened her off of me (but not quite.) She still doesn't get it. I can't stand her! She creeps me out. She copies everything I do and she was calling me her soulmate and sister not long after I met her.

And what sucks is I'm too nice to just come out and tell her LEAVE ME ALONE! I really don't want anything to do with her... yet I still get stupid postcards, letters and phonecalls from her. The last time a spoke/wrote to her was well over a year ago. I don't pick up when she calls and I don't write her back. I am hoping she will finally catch on. How dumb can she be? Don't you think if someone doesn't respond to you for over a year it means they don't want you in their life?

It's funny she used to say she's always tehre for me and there was a two times I needed to talk to someone... ANYONE (even her.. that's how desperate I got)... but she cooly brushed me off. That's when I realized she really wasn't a friend but was using me just for the sake of saying she had a friend. I knew then that she expected me to be there for her (her bf just broke up with her).. but I haven't responed to her. So know she knows how I felt.

But I have a sick feeling that one day this will turn out like the movie MISERY. I'm not joking. That's how obsessive she is. She even keeps tabs on my eBay account (I cahnged my username.) I mean... god, what is her problem? I moved to a different state (luckily) 4 years ago and she still doesn't get it. I get scared that one day she'll show up unexpected at my house.

I'm so freaked out by her.

Any advice??

(sorry I accidentaly posted this on the discussion board first. It really belongs here!)

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well honestly i think you should grow the balls to tell her to leave you alone but then again if she is as obsessive hen that wont do any good SMH

I would change my number if she calls again bc its not something to joke around with

sounds like my mother. just keep away

Being "too nice" gives them false hope. You just have to end it and let them think you're the bad guy. They'll get over it eventually. If not, then contact the proper authorities.

@ThatOneGirl, now it's been many more years later. I have not spoken to her yet occasionally she still send postcards.<br />
<br />
So your theory that I am giving her signs that we're still friends is completely false. You've mmissed the mark on that one.<br />
<br />
I've read books, like THE GIFT OF FEAR and they all say to just break lose. Do NOT speak to them. Give them NO attention.<br />
<br />
Her contact has become less and less... I'm just wondering when it will become zilch. Or will I ever really know?

Obviously, if she's still hanging around, you must be giving her some sense that you're still friends. She might think that you're just going through a hard time, and she'll be adamant about supporting you and loving you until you tell her quite directly to leave you alone. I'm convinced that no one "stalks" someone that they know hates them. So be direct and firm, or she will just continue to try to keep the relationship in tact.

mmm tricky. maybe you could report her to the local loony bin, if you wanna do something properly pro active. shes obviously in crisis issue, as are you

I have told friends i have made HERE... but I feel like if I tell someone from where I came from (where the stalker still lives), word will get around to her and she may come at me even more forcefully. I had the idea that maybe I can ween her off of me... but 4 years later I still get calls from her on my cell (which I screen and don't pick up) and letters/postcards of her updating me on her life.

christ. well i think youre doing the right thing by ignoring her and not giving the attention she obviously craves. but maybe you should step it up a notich? you told someone? like i dunno, im not saying police as such. but maybe someone from the town you were both in?