When I was almost 15 I met a guy online.  He lived about 500 miles away.  He was 19.  We started talking, and it wasn't long before his emotional and mental abuse began.  I was so young and naive and he loved the fact that he could manipulate me.  He made me fall for him and then would tell me he was not good for me or stop talking to me just to see how I would freak out over him.

He was a pathological liar.  He lied about so much, he did it for fun, lying about the status of his job and even vacations he's been on.  He even told me he was coming to see me on two separate occasions.  I got all ready and my family did, and he never showed.  He would lie and say he was ODing on pills to commit suicide, just to hear me get all upset about losing him.

From September 2004-January 2008 this was what I dealt with.  Finally he let me go, I was talking to a bunch of guys and had even lost my virginity at that point.  For ten months I did not hear from him.  Then at the end of last year he called.  I talked to him, told him I was engaged and everything, but he wasn't hearing it.  He kept saying, "I can't wait until I'm laying beside you."

So I began ignoring him.  He would call and call and call.  One day my sister answered and told him to stop calling and everything, in a not so nice way.  But he refused.  So two months of this has gone on and he'll call about once a day, occasionally leaving me messages.  Some of the messages will be of him blowing the horn on his car, which hurts my ears like hell.  Then some of them he is singing a song that goes like, "Na na na way" in a really low, sad voice.  It's psychopathic.  Then about two weeks ago he left me a voicemail, saying that a CD company that I ordered him CDs through is trying to charge him $900. 

It was one of those "get 12 CDs for the price of 1" deals.  The agreement was that you had to buy two CDs at full price in the next two years, or you'd get charged for all 12 CDs.  Well, each one is only about $15 full price.  Which would equal around $180 not $900.  At the time I ordered those CDs, I was under the impression that he and I would be together by the end of that year and that we would order the other two CDs within the alotted time.  Well alot happend and I lost my feelings for him.  It was like a light switch went off in my head.  I completely forgot about the CDs.

The other day he left me a message saying that they were charging him $900.  He said it in a rude tone and said I needed to take care of it.  Now I'm afraid he is going to try to sue me.  If I was still talking to him, like he wanted, he would never do that.  He would just call the CD company and make up some lie, like always, and get out of the charges.  Now I am terrified he will sue me.  He will not stop calling and I had to block my phone from receiving phone calls from numbers that aren't in my phone.

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Haha he wont sure you, if anything he would go to prison for grooming a minor, sick fu ck!

This guy could not win any lawsuit against you. You were a minor at the time. Enough said.<br />
<br />
I hope he has disappeared from your life. He obviously has major problems.

They are all right there is nothing hecan do to you. I would not give any second thought to those ideas. But yes I would do something like let the police know. Hopefully you have some that will do something. calling the ones where I live. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOl

so can you do it or do you need help we are all here for you sweetheart be brave save your life xx

Lol thank you sacred.

mags is right police. if he even tried to sue you he has nothing to take to court. "yeah we met when she was underage and I was a legal adult, and i seduced her and I am stalking her now" I don't think thats going to fly in a court of law.

talk to the police and tell him you are doing so and tell them everything don't hold anything back he is a blackmailer get rid asap thats the way to go and get peice of mind xx