I just think I made the hugest mistake of my life. I met this new man about 4 months ago and moved in with him 3 weeks back as my ex told me to get out of his apartment. Problem is this new guy has extremely smothering behavior which creeps me out, I feel like I want to run away, thing is that I miss my ex and the apartment he stayed was a better location than where I am now. I am trying to find a way to get back to the apartment with my ex and trying to twist his arm by saying I just need a safe place to stay till I find another, I am in another country so I don't have family here. I also start a new job here soon. I feel trapped and scared of this new guys smothering behavior and my mental sanity is at stake. The more I reject the more he smothers and uses insulting phrases. I need help please to get out of this mess ASAP and away frm this man before I lose my mind. I only slept with him about 4 times and then I was a bit drunk. I can't sleep with this guy sober as he has recently started to turn me off with his smothering. My ex and I had a way better sex life as well, problem is I was told by my ex that I am too smothering with him. Yet I really loved and still love my ex even though he also hurt my feelings a lot. Not sure if I should beg like a hungry baby for my ex to take me back, I felt safer there than here now and I also had more space and me time. Help! What can I do😔
cradleaway cradleaway
Aug 30, 2014