Be Careful Who You're Friends With...

Being bullied myself, I know what its like to be the "weird person on the bus". So, when the boy at the back of the bus was labled the weird guy, I just ignored that. I began to talk to him (and his brother who is in my class and someone I talk to a bit). He was definitely weird, weirder than I... but I didn't care. I know what thats like. But then he started watching my ever move. His brother told me that he had caught him.. umm... ************ to my picture and saying my name... where he got my picture, I don't know.. if its even true.. I don't know... but "Bread" as his nickname at school has become, turned bright red and turned away shouting no at his brother's accusations. I just said whatever. It was creepy, yes... but at least it was him in his own room and no where near me. At the time, they had lived about 3 or 4 miles from me. So, when my 15th birthday party rolled around and I didn't invite him due to his obsessive amount of attention, I was startled when he asked what time my party started. I said sorry and that I couldn't invite anymore people, which was true; my limit was 5 people because I got to invite the boy my mom hated and I liked. So when he asked what I would do when he just showed up at my house, I was a bit scared. And I was even more frightened when I told him my door would be locked and he replied that he'd break in. He still knows where I live, and still rides my bus. He, I believe, is still 17 years old. He had moved into the town about 5 or 6 miles from my house. And then he was the main suspect for the threat at our school. Someone had written "Columbine was nothing. ____ is next." (I've taken out the name of my school) After that... this stalker just got creepier. Knowing that I'll have yet another year on the bus with him is quite scary. I'm lucky he hasn't held up on his threats to come out here. There has been more that has happened... but some of it I can't remember... and some of it I've just chosen to leave out of this story...
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Turn the tables, stalkers are limited by the power they hold. If you show him your not scared more than likely he'll back off. But be carefull about it keep a friend close to the situation at hand

wow thats creepy. I had a stalker once too but it wasnt that serious. <br />
you should tell him to stop. and if he doesnt listen, talk to someone you trust about it.

WOW, that is terrifying. Be careful. Especially if he is the guy who wrote that on the wall, he could turn violent. Does your mom know the whole story. You should try to make sure you're always with someone. And make sure your mom/dad knows where you go at all times. I know when you're that age it sounds corny, but in a situation like this... better safe than sorry.