I Have a Standard Poodle

I am a new Standard Poodle owner.  I have always had Labs in the past, but wanted to experience a new breed and get away from the excess hair.  I researched standard poodles and they sounded like a terrific breed.  I purchased Roxi when she was 9 weeks old.  She is now just over 1 year.  Roxi is a wonderful, intelligent, loving dog and I can't imagine life without her.  She is my pride and joy....BUT....Roxi seems to have fear aggression.  I have never had to deal with this and am doing my best to help her over it.  I feel that I've done everything right as far as socialization...she has gone everywhere with me since I got her and has been around lots of new people, animals and experiences.  I am terrified that if I can't resolve this issue that she may bite someone and I'll lose her.  Here is what I am currently doing to try and resolve the issues.

1.  When strangers come over they give her a treat.

2.  I take her to the park and walk her and use treat reinforcement to try and keep her attention away from other dogs.

3.  I have resorted to using a mesh muzzle (which I hate!!) to allow children to pet her so she can get used to it.  I'm also looking to use this to introduce her to other dogs without having to worry about her trying to bite them.

If anyone has any additional ideas or suggestions, I'd love to hear them.





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2 Responses Mar 11, 2009

Well, I did. He was my best friend. I see this is an older post so, you probably won't be reading my response. That's okay. I just wanted to think about my sweet angel Oreo, and say hello.

You might join the Facebook page, The Standard Poodle. If you have access to Yahoo Groups, there's a great, supportive group of Std. Poodle folks in a group called "standard_poodle"