Stop Accusing

my step dad is 51 years old. he can be a nice person but, he can be real *** at times.he also calls my mom a hoe when ever he thinks she is winning in one of their fights. the only reason he says or thinks stuff like is because he retired and hes jealous that she still has a job and he doesn't. sometimes i think he just wants to be mean. i remember once they got in a fight and broke my moms arm on accident he was just squeezing her arm but hes to strong and shes skinny so it just snapped. sometimes when i get really mad at him i pray to GOD and hope that he can give me the strength to tell him.....just to leave.i mean the only reason hes still livin with us is because my is scared. she never told anybody but, you can se it in her eyes.

anybody that can relate to this please comment on what i should do.
jizzoverwedgie jizzoverwedgie
18-21, M
Jun 21, 2012