I Am Here....

I have a stepmother who refuses to acknowledge that I am her stepson. She pretends that I don't exist and ignores me completely. She has a beautiful daughter between she and my father, who she loves and cares for with all her heart. I am so happy for her for that, but I still wish that she would at least talk to me. It would make matters less complicated and stressful.
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my stepmother is the same she loves her other children from her ather marriage and her son from herself and my fathers marriage and it really bugs me my older brother and sister just dont bother with her anymore but i am trying to make it work but its not working so i am thinking of giving up on it and just not bothering tbh =]

she doesn't even talk to you???She doesn't consider you at least as a friend?? I can't imagine that!! Really??

why don't you tell her how you feel or at least try to how does your father feel about the way she acts toward you does he even know. I would talk to both of them at the same time.

Same here, I have a stepmother that had a child from a prior marriage and a daughter from her and my father. Not only does she pretend I don't exist she used to make my life miserable when I lived with her.<br />
I'm sad to say I really hate her!!