And I feel like she's trying to control me... I know that we all have things we like and dislike, but we shouldn't shove it down each other's throats. I like manga, and I like drawing it. Well recently I went to visit my mother in Missouri, and when I came back all of my drawings where gone. I was upset. All the drawings in there were 6 years worth of inspiration and experience. My writing prompts were all gone too. I asked her why she threw my things out and she said "they looked like homework". I was upset, so we had a fight about it. I told her that was hard work. She said "you'll never know what hard work is, you don't work 40 hours a week". I told her I did. She said little Caesars doesn't count, it's not a real job.

... We usually have family fights once or twice a month, I don't know why it keeps happening.

... She always says that I don't do my chores or I half *** them. So last week I cleaned the whole house before I went to work. She didn't notice. She says that I should get out more. That all I do is sleep eat an work during the summer, but when it's schooltime and I have drama club all year, she tries to persuade my father to not let me join the new plays and musicals for the year.

... I adore the shade or color black and have some black clothes. When I get new black clothes, they seem to "disappear" and "wind up" in the trash or her closet.

... She never finishes what she starts. (Like laundry or dishes or organizing we things etc.) and she tell me to finish it and to stop being lazy.

... I usually spend 10 bucks a week for energy drinks (buy 3 for $5) when I work all week and she says not to spend all my money and to save it for college. I have 600+ in my savings (rough estimate). She's not helping me save up for anything. I don't know how to drive, I'm going to New York for school trip and she asks my mom to help and my money that I make goes to it and not my stepmoms, my mom works at a college so I get half off my tuition in 2 years (senior in hs now) while stepmom does nothing.
I understand that they have bills to pay, sometimes she asks for my money and promises to pay me back but never does.

Recently we had an argument over money because I got new sandals. My mom bought me those when we went to Texas in July. All I asked was "why aren't you helping me with drivers ed and college?" She spazzes out,

"I'm your stepmother, I don't have to help you with anything. Never think or say that again. Why can't you save your money?"

I didn't want to cause a fight "I don't know"

"Stop being so selfish. Why do you keep buying monster? When are you going to lose weight?"

"I don't know."

... I told my mom and my boyfriend every fight we've been through. Wen I turn 18, I'm welcome to stay at my boyfriends moms home. My mom says that she trying to control me and expects too much of me.

I don't know what to do. I'm tired of crying every night, just because of my stepmother. HELP.
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