Bubble Flip Bouffant

One morning when i was in grammar school i saw a big commotion in the hallway. Students were chattering loudly and crowding around someone. When i got closer i saw that everyone was crowding around two boys that i knew from my class, Scott and Steve. i suddenly got a huge whiff of that hairspray smell from a ladies' beauty parlor, and then saw what everyone was staring at -- both Scott and Steve's hair had been teased up and set in stiff bouffant hairdos. Both boys looked extremely uncomfortable and the smell of hairspray was literally overpowering. Both boys looked ridiculous -- but Scott had always worn his hair long, and there was more to work with. As a result his stiff blonde bouffant helmet of hair was enormous, with a large perfect curled flip along its edge. i found out later that the boys had lost a "bet" with Scott's mother and she had taken them both to beauty parlor.  i suddenly felt my penis stiffening in my pants so quickly that i became dizzy. Before i could think about what was happening, the teacher came and ordered all the students to leave the two boys alone immediately. "And anyone who doesn't will have their hair done in the exact same way!" When i heard her words, the erection in my pants tented them even more painfully. i knew that she didn't really mean it, but her words echoed the exact thoughts that were going on in my brain -- what would it feel like to have my own hair in a huge stiff beehive?

The truth is i there had always been something about those big stiff hairdos from the 60's that had made me sexually excited. When i saw a woman with a big stiff bubble of hair i couldn't take my eyes off of her. Going to the beauty parlor with my mother, i associated those strong smells of setting lotion and hairspray with those enormous coiffes. At church on Sundays i would feast my eyes on the large number of ladies in furs and freshly done bouffants. i can remember having to wear an itchy blue wool sailor suit with short pants and knee socks when i was about 10 that i hated. A lady at church with a huge stiff bubble of dark auburn hair saw me and pulled me into a deep long hug, telling my mother over my shoulder how adorable i looked. The smell of her hairdo was so strong it was like she had just freshened up her hairspray minutes ago. i felt my penis stiffen in the short blue wool pants of the sailor suit, and i flushed when i realized that everyone might see. It seemed to take forever to extricate myself from the lady's clutches but after that i could never forget being so close to her stiff helmet of hair.

But it wasn't until i later saw Scott and Steve that it even crossed my mind that a boy or man could be given a hairdo like that. When i saw the movie "Hairspray" years later, all those feelings came back stronger than ever. Seeing Tracy Turnblad's huge bubble flip bouffant with the enormous juvenile bow fastened to the front made me squirm in my seat. To this day i wonder what it would feel like to have a big stiff bouffant hairdo like that.
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great storie , thank you

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