I Love It ;d

I've got kind of chubby lately and my belly certainly hangs over my jeans a bit and it's obvious. It's not a pot belly though, I have got a chubby roll and it's really cute. When I sit down my belly sort of rests on top of my thighs and er I'm finding it harder to see my privates lol.
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5 Responses Sep 24, 2012

That is not really a good thing...I know how to lose weight msg me I might be able 2 help u...

That's great!

thats so awesome!

Once your belly goes to your knees when you sit, that means your an "elite gainer". I think this is a good goal you should consider.

It happens! But it's all good!

Hell yeah! :D

Especially when you get soft and squishy all over!