I have a ton of jeans WAY too small for my tubby self but I can still squeeze into most of them. Last night I went out in SUPER tight jeans that used to be my "fat" jeans. I had to lie down as I put them on and barely buttoned them. When I finally got them on they cinched so tightly around my waist it gave me a muffin top! I wore a tight tank top too I figured why bother hiding my fat belly?
mmmmorgan mmmmorgan
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6 Responses Aug 22, 2014

I would have LOVED to see your sexy belly jiggle! ;-)

No reason to hide it once it gets fat enough. Show off that blubber and make it fatter! :)

That's right! Why hide it? You shouldn't hide perfection

It looks like you are another chubby cutie with muffin top.

Sounds adorable

I am sure it looked great but sounds painful to sit down.