The Mountain Lion And The Eagle

When the world was created many animals roamed this earth. The eagle ruled the sky and the lion ruled the ground. One day brother eagle was in search of prey. It was in a time of famine. Eagle had not had a meal in days. As eagle searched for food he spotted a mountain lion feasting on a baby lamb. Eagle knew this was his only chance to eat.Eagle swooped on the mountain lion with all his strength and and whacked the lion on the skull with his beak. Lion dropped His prized meal, long enough for eagle to tear a leg off of it, and fly away with a leg.The Lion was gravely injured by brother eagles beak mortally wounded he died. Eagle then returned and feasted on his food. Now in times of famine we look to the sky in awe. If creator can supply a hungry eagles food,he can feed many mouths in times of lack. Brother eagle shows us to be brave and trust creator for rain,skins,corn and meat. That is why we dance for rain. It makes our heart very happy when creator gives us what is needed. The animals join in because they are our brothers each possessing a power of their own, which shows the might and strength of creator.
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1 Response Feb 21, 2010

....whaaaat....??? The sky TOTALLY provided in this one, it so wasn't the eagle's selfishness - in inadvertantly killing the lion - which fed him. Nope.