Melted Ice Cream

What’s different now, Sia "My love" playing in my ear, nothing I can see only sense through comparision. I was walking slowly with no sense of urgency, the sun out and people floated by. I was alone in reality connected in soul, and soil- feet planted on the ground. I was looking around and saw a smear along the pavements of the beach Camino. I stopped only for a second to look at the light green and black speckled smudge. A whole story filled my thoughts and senses as I imagined the child's' joy holding the ice cream cone topped with mint choloclate chip, their joy on this warm summer day. Them quickly lapping up each stream of melted flavored cream that dripped to their hand. The momentary distraction that took their eye from the cone for mila-seconds, that led to a stumbled step and the unfortunate slip of balance leading to the scoop toppling from its pedestal. The hot surface gobeling the sensitive cream, and instantly leading to a sense of disappointment or loss and envy directed towards the others around who's cones were still intact. The sobbing that will inevitably take place as the ball of frozen cream quickly puddle onto the hot asphalt surface. No time to save the reminants as the caregivers distract the child and move on to the next summer transgression. I regain my senses, I smile with sadness at this thought and remembering my own moments of similar experiences. I began to laugh beaming in the sunlight, as a lone tear streams to my lips. 
moosesi82 moosesi82
31-35, M
Jul 18, 2010