A Chatroom Session I Stumbled Across

Years ago, I was in a chatroom eaves dropping. It was on some site dealing with horses. I used to own horses and would go online to see what was happening in the horse world. This is about one particular chat session I stumbled across. It was a chat two women were having. I have no idea who they were and their conversation had nothing to do with horses but it was interesting. I found it interesting because I got to peek into a social class that was way out of my league.
One of the women was complaining about not having a maid. She had one, but the maid either quit or was fired, I can't remember which. The woman admitted to belittling the maid and a confrontation over something led to the maid's dismissal. She went without a maid for a few weeks, during which time she tried on various occasions to lure the maid back. The maid however refused to be reemployed by the woman. She said she was very sorry for having lost the maid. The main reason for the regret was due to finding a replacement. She said it was extremely difficult to find a good maid that spoke English.
This really shows the difference between classes. These women were both rich enough to have maids. At least one of them didn't seem to appreciate their fortunate lifestyle. Or perhaps she was immune to it. Their conversation continued on into other areas, one mentioning spending forty thousand buying some horse, but the portion about the maid is what stuck with me. They spoke of it as if it were just one of those day-to-day things people have to deal with.
I think some people don't realize just how different the same world can be, depending on your viewpoint. I'm sure that woman spent more on buying that horse she spoke of than what she paid her maid for the year. And it had a nonchalant air about it all. The number of zeros behind a personal dollar sign can change so many things, including how you view another human and their worth to you. I'm glad that maid refused to go back to that woman's house. She made a statement. Her self worth was worth more than a rich woman was willing to pay.
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It's weird, how people with money are.. All I see is danger..


well oh sorry my maid has just reminded me it bj day today so must dash toodle pip

hey the thought behind this story is very good...<br />
After reading it i remember the scene from titanic, where rose's mother would not want the life boat, she was traveling in to be crowded, these rich people, tend to be stupid and very childlike on wat they want, they dont seem to understand anything apart from their own lives....<br />
<br />
I like people who become rich from being poor - those people are do understand.<br />
Rich by birth are just not the smart type, they are spoilt type...<br />
one such has placed a comment 1st in this post, without even realizing the topic discussed :)