I Was Blinded When I Was Three

when i was three i went to preschool at the YMCA. one day before swim practice i had to use the bathroom so i told my teacher and i went but she had jammed the door by accident. i then being my three year old self decided to lay down my towel so i could sit on the floor and cried then i dont remember anything else except when my grandmother came and un-jammed the door. nothing happened for the next few days then on christmas eve my vision became blurred i was stumbling down the steps of the church after christmas eve mass i was then rushed to the hospital where the doctors were drunk and told us to go home. the next morning i wake up and i am completely blind no sight whatsoever i then called "mommy help!" she rushed upstairs to find me on the floor barley able to walk because i would run into things she helped me downstairs where we began to open presents because i wanted too before i went to the hospital. for ever present i asked my mother the same thing "mommy, what is it?" all i remembered was my whole family crying and my 6 year old sister helping me to play with my toys. we then went to the hospital were they diagnosed me with ocipital-insuflitus which were there is too much cerebral spinal fluid in the back of brain which trickled down too my optics nerves and blinded me. i was then given a teddy bear as a Christmas present from the hospital i remember my mother asking "so what's his name?" i then proceeded to say "snowflake" and i am not afraid to admit i treasure the bear to this day it helped me through this event. doctors were baffled by my conditions with the cause unknown to this day. they believe it to be when i was in the bathroom stall. they were able to recover my vision to 20-50 so things that are twenty feet away seems fifty feet away without my glasses(which i wear 24/7) because of this condition i cannot pursue the career i want as a police officer and might be unable to drive as i am only 14 we are unsure if i can i am legally blind without my glasses so it is unsure if i can drive. i constantly am grateful for my vision and my life. thank you to all who cared to read this far i know it is not interesting but this story is my life story and the main cause of all my problems and as days go by my vision gets progressively worse and trust me you do not know fear like i do... i live in fear that i may become blind again as doctors say it might happen while much bad has come of this some good has as well i know to cherish everything in life every minute so you should as well take ii from me that you should never let a moment slip by if your unhappy break away and be happy
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You have a strong spirit... And i give my prayers to you...<br />
Be strong, Be more strong - Normally my frnd tells me a quote "When life you 100 reasons to cry, show life that you have a 1000 reasons to smile" <br />
<br />
I wish all happiness to u... What if u cannot become a police office, you can choose a lot of different profession with the police industry itself - may be administration or something like that... Don't give up hope, God normally empties u r hand to give something more worthwhile - trust me... <br />
<br />
Love,<br />
Girl Thinking........

thank you that really means alot to me.

a story, be it boring, uncaptivating or without a moral is a story nonetheless. im 14 too and your story is genuine and honestly that's all anybody can actually ask for. hope that your vision gets better and not worse.<br />
a lot of **** happens in my life so thanks for lifting my spirits a little