Nina And How She Fell In Love

Any girl that ever existed in this world, would have spent or will spend a lot of quality time thinking about the man of her dreams. Nina is no different, she is a little tom boyish, growing up with her 2 elder brother made her like a any other boy but in the inside she was just another girlish girl - confused - unable to utter a syllable to express herself, confused on which road to take - act as a girly girl or tomboyish... She saw a lot criticism if she choose 1 out of these, and has always felt she could never ever handle it.

Nine's confusion started when she was 13, after her puberty - she was left to herself to understand wat she wants and wat she is.... She created this ora that she was strong, capable of handling situations - her father and mother thought they always did a good job in raising her, she made them proud.. She knew overnight she cant become a girly girl, someone delicate and needed to be handled with care.... though she wanted to be treated like that, she knew she could handle stuff :(

At school, she was an average but intelligent student - not many new her talents - she could play cricket, carry heavy stuff, act like boys, speak loud at the same time cry, paint - artistic, write poems, sing melody... Science, English, History were her favorites - now that's a rare combination. She was intelligent, she was jealous of the other delicate girls around her, whose only job in the world was to wear a dress and make up and flaunt though school corridors... She knew that act was stupid but always wanted to be them, wanted herself to be less intelligent, less thoughtful and less bright.

All her teachers were proud of her.. She graduated from high school with flying colors, entered a great university in scholarship - somewhere inside her mind she wanted to be a girly girl in college - but u think of something and that doesn't happen... Within a very few days at college, she was recognized for her intelligence.. Everybody around her gave her respect and discussed only important stuff with her such as studies, life, philosophy and spirituality.. Well our heroine wanted to be silly but she had no clue how to be silly...
Her thought of meeting the love of her life completely vanished when at college, guys treated her like a guy and girls thought she was superior to discuss any girly stuff with her. Nina was completely given up hope but at the same time she felt her love must be intelligent than her, he must be the brightest of everyone she ever knew, unless she sees him superior she could never love him or respect him - She was glad that at least she discovered something about her at the university.

The tortures she had or was she could not get anyone to tell her if she was looking good, is her makeup was good, was her hair well done, whether her choice on clothes where correct, was her BRA fitting her properly - nobody around her complained or criticized. Everybody around her were simply satisfied with her, even her parents, her brothers and her friends... She felt either she didn't existed for them or they were too good... Nina - was sad and happy, was jealous of all the girls around her.... who got criticism, had boyfriends and more problems in their life... Nina was sailing so smoothly - no problem whatsoever.....

That was her college days, as soon as it was over for her academic brilliance she was offered an internship in one of the fortune 500 company. She was thrilled, excited and again all her people were proud. She had few good qualities like dedication, hard work and sincerity - she was soon leading a team, a new project - got promoted every 1 and 1/2 year... some kind of fast track growth... But somewhere in her she missed some stuffs like love, break up, heartbreak, cry.... a serious problem - she internally blamed herself, that she was not good enough and did not make any efforts to love someone...

In the midst of Nina's confusion a day game, a normal summer day - she came to office on time, there were 2 new people hired for her project - one named Aaron and another Abel. She as usual met them, spoke with them, gave project details and set her expectations. The day ended and she left home as usual tired and thinking of watching a movie. She cooked, ate and as usual was fast asleep at 10.00. Next day she woke up feverish and more confused - She had a dream, a weird dream - In her dream she saw herself in a train with Aaron next to her. They looked like lovers, talking a lot things and sharing laughs. When their station came, Aaron walked out, Nina was looking at Aaron all the time and admiring his smile and not the platform, she skidded and got her knee injured. Aaron lifted her in his arms, put her in a chair and next second was cleaning up her wound with a very serious face - and he kissed her so passionately and softly. All the while Nina was looking only at Aaron and his smile and his hair and his lips and his hands and him....only him....

Nina was confused about her dream, she kept on asking a question - she was not attracted to Aaron when she met him, she did not even see him properly, after the dream she can vividly describe and paint Aaron but not her own mother that perfectly. She was burning with fever. She was completely ill... There were too many unexplainable thoughts in her mind... She called office and said she wasn't coming and just sat in her bed with her blanket covering her and looking confused more than usual... She called her mom, and said she was sick and talked to her a little - her mom was advising to see doctor and on pills... Nina said yes to her mom but did nothing...

She was staring at the wall all day, without food, without taking her bath nor moving out of her bed... it was the most strangest day of her life... somewhere she felt in her dream she looked happier.... the night came, her fever was down, she took rest - and the next like all other day she started to work - was secretly wishing she would not see Aaron today, it would be better for her to forget her dream.
She was early at office, the moment she was at her desk she heared someone was walking towards her cabin and she knew it would be Aaron, but she wanted to be wrong... But it was Aaron for real, he was holding 2 cups of coffee, said a very warm good morning to her, gave a cup to her and enquired about her health.. Nina had a out of body experience she knew she was answering Aaron, at the same time she was looking at Aaron's lips, eyes, hands and his smile - it was exactly like in her dream - she was very much attracted to him - this was a very new feeling to her, she felt happy.... Aaron wished her bye and also scheduled a meeting with her. The meeting went well, Aaron was very smart and his questions were wise...

Nina left to home happily that the dreaded day has gone. She went back to her usual life mode, she cooked, ate and slept... She woke up fresh and was in office again - met Aaron - this time a piece of cake, work went smooth as usual... She secretly admired him...
He was kind, gentle, warm, friendly and good-natured. He was intelligent and very smart. He seemed to have good respect for Nina, and they started becoming friends - Nina was happy in his company... soon she forgot about her dream.. Life was less problematic again...

Then a day came, there was colleague wedding reception - that Nina and Aaron had to attend, Aaron planned that he would drive Nina to the wedding - Nina accepted. Aaron drove to Nina's place, then they both went to the reception, they had a good time, danced, laughed and discussed a lot. Aaron started to talk about his family, - his sister, mom dad and his life, Nina too shared about her family.
After a hearty conversation, they decided to start to leave the party - Aaron drove Nina to her place, bid her goodbye and left - Nina was tired when she reached her place - she took a quick bath, tied her hair up and put on her night gown, and went to sleep - at that time she heared her doorbell ringing, she wondered who would that be at this time, she opened the door, it was Aaron to her surprise, he came there to take back his watch which he put in Nina's handbag during the reception as it broke, he took the watch back waved a good bye to Nina again and left. Nina was wondering why did he came all the way back he could have called her and informed her and she would have been able to return the watch in office on Monday...

She walked back to her bedroom, when she heared her doorbell ringing again, it was Aaron again, Aaron just walked in, pushed Nina to the wall and kissed her passionately,,. Nina for the 1st time in her life felt she was really weak, Aaron was too strong for her and she was completely under his control, she was unable to move, speak or breathe... For a Nina's emotions were high, unable to understand what was happening she fainted. Aaron hugged her and said he loved her without knowing she had fainted in his arms... He then realized what had happened, he lifted her in his arms and took her to her bedroom and put her gently in her bed. Aaron as the name suggest was strong, for him Nina was like a beautiful feather... He called his doctor friend immediately and asked him to come to Nina's place. The doctor examined Nina and said she fainted due to tiredness and there was nothing to worry about... After the doctor left, Aaron watched Nina sleeping all through the night, he admired her perfect skin, her color, her hair, her lips, her beautiful childish sleeping posture, she was cuddling up with her pillow....

The morning came, Nina woke from sleep a little feverish - she took the previous days happenings as a dream and walked to her bathroom - washed her face and brushed her teeth and went to her living room and rested herself on the sofa... She felt like someone was walking out of her kitchen and it was Aaron - she was shell shocked... Aaron was walking towards her as if nothing has happened, he brought in 2 cups of coffee and started talking, he wished her good morning, gave a cup of coffee to her, asked her about her fever - to which Nina said nothing - Aaron could understand what was happening, he sat next to her on the sofa, put his hand on her forehead and said that she was recovering, he leaned a little and kissed her on the cheek and said in a very mild tone "sorry" which Nina was not able to understand... Nina was still in a shock, whatever Aaron was speaking was latin and greek for her and she was sitting there like a 3rd grade student in a trigonometry class... She was making effort to understand, were she still in a dream or its a reality....

Aaron slowly kneeled in front of her, he took her hands in his and said Nina that he loves her, he loves her deeply - from the day he has seen her he had been in Love with her, and yesterday he was unable to control himself from kissing her, his love for her has totally took over him beyond his own senses.... He confessed whenever she would talk to him he would be mesmerized by her eyes, hands, lips and her intelligence... He added he always wondered how a girl so perfect in always was single all these days, there must be 100's of guys stalking her, to which Nina said may be these guys did not see her through Aaron' eyes... Aaron at this moment knew that the love is mutual, he leaned to kiss her but was scared that she would faint again - Nina leaned and kissed Aaron - Aaron and Nina hugged for hours unknown, they kissed each other and wanted to be in each others arms for the rest of their life.... Silence in that room was amazing... and meaningful... Hearts were talking...

The evening came, Nina and Aaron decided that they wanted to take a walk in the beach... That evening Nina dressed her self in a blue beach dress, looking herself in the mirror she saw a very beautiful girl with long dark brown hair, brown eyes, tall graceful figure...She never ever felt like that before, she felt like she was made for Aaron. Aaron went back to his place to get dressed, he came back to pick Nina - Nina was looking divine to him. In the car, they were silently clasping their hands and were completely quite for sometime - then Nina began talking, she asked Aaron how could he straight away kiss her - he didnt even asked her for a date or said he loved her - to which Aaron replied that he knew from Day 1 that she was for him and he had no fear in kissing her... But he admitted when she fainted that he felt embarrassed, strange, freaked out, angry, stupid and every negative feeling in the world.

Nina then asked him, how long he wanted to kiss her - To which Aaron replied day 2 he waited in office to kiss her and she didnt come and called off sick, the next day he came to her with the intention of kissing her to her cabin - felt stupid by the idea and left with normal talks - ever since he wanted to kiss her... But the previous night, his emotions for her took over his self control...

Nina then told her the dream she had the day she met Aaron, Aaron was amazed and said he could have kissed Nina way before and things would have been the same as she was already in love with him.... :)

The very same week, Nina and Aaron got engaged, they very year they married.... Still their union is magical... still their journey is exciting.... They still kiss and hug for hours - only difference is Aaron faints these days as Nina's beauty is growing everyday :)

This is our Story.... Thanks for reading our story...
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Aaron & Nina

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What a lovely story, truly a match made in heaven! I can see the angels works come in play with Nina's inspired dream. You two were definately made for each other, how romantic.

A beautiful and enthralling read. A deep insight in one's mind and situation. Thank you for sharing this wonderful piece with us.

its my original :) Thanks !!!

I knew it had originality. Well done.

I can tell you put a lot of thought into your story <br />
Paragraph 16 doesn't make a lot of sense to me though. Maybe I'll re-read it later.<br />
<br />
Thank you for posting :)

Oh my gosh....the romance is incredible.

Dear Friend, Life is full of mysteries, when one need the joy and life , the so called society and family become barrier in the name of career . fame and financial etc. at the cost of the life time of age as teenager or have full of natural flagrancy energy, at this time nature full support our life to enjoy with all universe but we lost all due to non-sense, at last when our past energy overflow within us because we did not live that , the energy accumulate in us and decaying and dying so we suddenly take a step to full fill the dormant lust as sharing our physical and settled with some one as possible, with mind intellectuality not with the hearty love with divine energy.. thanks

I could not understand much of your comment, vaguely i understand - in current life we settle with wat we get - But my story is a complete fantasy - i could not understand why did you comment like this... Can you please rephrase? Did u or not enjoy the story? Please let me know that as well :)

Dear Friend, You narrated the story very fantastic way, i understood very well but please understand my thoughts that means when there is need of enjoyinh life as natural way with the gift of physical chemistry in life as being loved then we ignore all the inner bliss for the sake of career and competition, feeling insecure but other side we lost all precious gift given by nature, at last we felt exhausted and out of age want quickly settled in familiar job.. the problem with the human society as whole but thanks to narrate the life of a girl who ignore the all natural bliss to be good , and repressed all the happiness cost of future oriented but any how at last the inner life wins she lost because we are nature..thanks

Dear Friend, You narrated the story very fantastic way, i understood very well but please understand my thoughts that means when there is need of enjoyinh life as natural way with the gift of physical chemistry in life as being loved then we ignore all the inner bliss for the sake of career and competition, feeling insecure but other side we lost all precious gift given by nature, at last we felt exhausted and out of age want quickly settled in familiar job.. the problem with the human society as whole but thanks to narrate the life of a girl who ignore the all natural bliss to be good , and repressed all the happiness cost of future oriented but any how at last the inner life wins she lost because we are nature..thanks

Thats great !!!
Thank u for leaving a comment :) Appreciate it...

Chasing our goals, yet we miss the natural happiness in life :)

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No other comment, only a wow?

Wowww Nina ! Loved reading the story and sonething that really glued me .. Every woman would wish the same and I am happy for both of you !! God bless !!

Hi there my frnd, sorry to say this, Nina &amp; Aaron are a just a figment of my imagination, they aren't real... Wish one day Nina comes and knocks my door and thanks me for creating such a beautiful life for her :)

Got you! but it was the most enjoyable reading i had ever! :)

thank u :) my 1st romance write up... i wish more people would read it :)

U won't believe, I liked it soo much tht I took prints and made my office collegues read !!! N guess wat- people who don't believe in love, wished they were in love or had Soneone to love:)) keep up the good wrk !!

wow... :) thank u... Rhea...

U welcome

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Seems that everything in life happens in its own time for different people... And fascinating the notion of such a childlike first experience of first love as an adult. Highest marks for this story! =^)

Thank you Mr. Laagon.... "fascinating the notion of such a childlike first experience of first love as an adult" wow this is the message was running in my mind when i wrote this story... wow u expressed it so wonderfully... I am stumped...

That was the most enjoyable reading ever! A man would feel like he is the man, after the woman fainting no? That was romantic and I enjoyed lots. Thank you for posting it.

Thank u ! for adding a comment on my story, i was waiting for a comment for days :)

I am so happy that u enjoyed it... Thank u again for taking time, reading this long story and commenting as well...